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Best backlight panel in the world

Gecey’s backlight panels( or backlit panel) are designed to emit a bright, even output of light across the entire surface of the panel. The light panel can suit all situations perfectly. The size , the shape and so on are custom . The light can be warm white, neutral white, Daylight White or RGB. Frame and frameless are all available .

Gecey’s LGP( light guide plate) can be used in many situations , for example led panel light, led TV backlight, light diffuser panel and so on. Gecey’s laser machine is the most advanced in the world . Not only dots and lines , but also pictures can be printed in the acrylic.

Want to know more ? Gecey is full experienced in the field of led panel design and production. Our products not only save you money, but also to make your home or business instantly brighter.

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Custom characteristics


You can decide the input voltage of the led backlight panel. Whatever 12VDC , 24VDC , 110VAC or any other voltages are all available.


The maximum width of the backlit panel is 2 meters and the length is unlimited. Any size in this range is acceptable.


According to the situation, you can use any shape as you want. Any regular or irregular shape are ok for us . We can design.


The thickness of the light guide plate is from 1mm to 30mm . The common thickness is from 3mm to 12mm. So you can choose what you need.


The color temperature of led we used is from 3000k to 12000k for the white light. At the same time , the RGB led is also available.


 Usually, several kinds of led can be used in backlight panel, such as 3020led , 3528led , 5050led , RGB led and so on.


The evenness of all Gecey’s panel light is over 85{26ed7f130d68abf047c390c21ef987b114ea908b35cdce2065b772473c21ecda}. Gecey’s led panel can be used as the TV backlight.


Gecey’s light panels are designed to output a perfectly illumination across the surface of the led backlight panels.

Gecey’s product benefits


 Illuminate any translucent material to produce bright, uniform backlit and vibrant, sustainable architectural features or illuminated graphics and signage.


 Every Gecey’s LED Light Panel is custom manufactured to the dimensions/shape, light level and kelvin temperature or RGB output to each client’s specific project’s requirements.


With multiple fully dimmable output level options and the ability to embedd LEDs along 1, 2, 3 or all 4 edges of the acrylic, our panels are fabricated to the ideal light level required for your backlit application.


Meticulous fabrication process coupled with stringent quality control measures and UL safety certification ensures your Gecey’s LED light panel arrives as expected and outperforms your  expectations throughout the LED panel’s longevity.


With their solid-state circuitry LEDs embedded in a light distribution matrix engraved, optical acrylic sheet, our eLume LED panels are impervious to vibration and impact resilient.


From concept to implementation, architects to end users, Gecey’s knowledgeable design consultants and technicians offer assistance throughout the project to meet your functional requirements and achieve your aesthetic lighting objective.

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