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What size of LED backlight panel can wen make ?

The maximum width is 2 meters  and the length  is infinite.

What our laser dot machine can hit?

Pattern, text, line and dot .

What color of backlight panel can we do?

The light can be any colors, RGB, white, blue and yellow and so on.

Can other shapes be done, except rectangular light box?

Sure. Any shapes. We can independently customized design.

Can other types of light boxes be done, except the following 6 kinds of the website ?

Certainly, scrolling light box, vertical light box and others can also be done.

Can light boxes be waterproof ?

We can do outdoor waterproof light boxes.

Can other types be made except round and rectangular panel lights?

Yes, any shapes. We can independently customized design.

Can logo be put on pattern of panel light?

Yes, we can put logo into decorative design.

Can pattern of panel light be customized?

Yes, customers can send favorite picture to us and we write corresponding programs.

Are there any other shapes of modulator tube, except the following ones?

Yes. There are many shapes of modulator tube. Please contact us for more information.

Can brightness of led fluorescent lamp be adjusted?

Sure, it can be made into adjustable brightness.

Is acrylic can be only made into plane?

It is not. Acrylic can be made into any forms, such as acrylic ball and acrylic chair.

Are there other colors of acrylic board except the several colors in the website?

Yes. Theoretically acrylic can be made into any colors.

Other questions

Your products are just I wanted, but I am not sure, can I contact you?

We can design for you for free and we can give you some good suggestions.

What are input voltages of back light, light box, panel light and fluorescent lamp respectively?

The voltage of our products can be customized, which can be 110AC or 220VAC, 12VDC or 24VDC, and also any other voltages. If you tell us your desire input voltage, we can design for you.

How long will you need from order to delivery?

We generally need 20 days from order to delivery. The time is used to purchase material and produce.

How long will I receive the reply, if I contact you?

If you email to us, we will contact you as soon as possible. Generally we will send a mail to you, showing that we have already saw your mail.