led panel , led light and perspex manufacturer

Gecey provides visual presentation solutions that can help generate more excitements and sales opportunities for you and your business. Gecey offers many custom products. the software , the size , the shape and so on are all custom.

Gecey has the latest technology in the led lighting of indoor and outdoor. Gecey’s products were exported to USA, Australia , Europe and other countries in the past 5 years. Gecey has got many appreciate form our clients.


Gecey’s led panel are fully customizable

Gecey makes fully customizable backlight panel . The thickness , the color , the size ,the shape and so on are all decided by our clients.

led panel 1
led panel 2
led panel 3
led panel 4

Gecey provides variable led light box

A4 light box, light box sign , light table , frameless light box and so on. We make many kinds of led light box.

led light box 1
led light box 4
led light box 2
led light box 3

Gecey makes very fashion panel light

Gecey has much experience on designing fashion led panel light . It is allowed to print you logo or special patterns on the panel light.

led panel light 1
led panel light 2
led panel light 4
led panel light 3

High quality led tube light are available

Gecey makes many high quality led tube lights . These led tubes are not only green but also lower your energy costs.

led tube light 1
led tube light 2
led tube light 3
led tube light 4

Where to buy plexiglass?

Gecey is your great plexiplass supplier in China. Gecey sells clear acrylic sheet and colored perspex sheet.

plexiplass 4
plexiplass 1
plexiplass 2
plexiplass 3

The best monitors are from Gecey

Gecey has abundant experience in the field of computer monitor or pc monitor. Come to visit us to select what you need!

monitor 3
monitor 1
monitor 2
monitor 4

Gecey offers all sizes of smart TVs

Gecey is your manufacturer of smart tv in China. Our smart TVs have not only the best price, but also the best quality.

smart tv 1
smart tv 2
smart tv 3
smart tv 4


All Gecey’s products are green . The light can protect your eyes and health.


Before exported to clients , every product is checked strictly .


Gecey’s products are 5 years warranty , so they are durable.


Gecey provides the best services to clients, everything is affordable.