Plenty of light boxes are available

Gecey has lots of light boxes with different amazing frame, different color, different structure, different pattern. In Gecey , you can fund whatever you want, indoor or outdoor, signal or double-sided , frame or frameless. Just tell us what you are looking for or what’s your project, we can design for you. It is free!

Gecey’s amazing light boxes provide visual solutions that can help you catch more clients’ eyes and generate more excitement. Unique lightbox sign can bring you more customers and businesses.  Our the latest presentation technology for any environments guarantees you can get many sales opportunities and take your presentations to new heights.

Gecey manufactures many kinds of light boxes, for example light table, a4 light box, light box sign, lightbox photograph and so on. Most characteristics are custom. Please feel free to tell us what you are interested. It’s our pleasure to work with you.

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Custom characteristics


You can decide the input voltage of the led backlight panel. Whatever 12VDC , 24VDC , 110VAC or any other voltages are all available.


The width and the length of light box are both unlimited. Any size is acceptable. Just tell us the size , we can make it happen.


According to the situation, you can use any shape as you want. Any regular or irregular shape are ok for us . We can design.


Gecey has many kinds of beautiful aluminum frames. The thickness are all different. So you can choose what you need.


The color temperature of led we used is from 3000k to 12000k for the white light. At the same time , the RGB led is also available.


Usually, several kinds of led can be used in the light box, such as 3020led , 3528led , 5050led , RGB led and so on.


The evenness of all Gecey’s light box is over 85{26ed7f130d68abf047c390c21ef987b114ea908b35cdce2065b772473c21ecda}. High evenness guarantees your photography is displayed perfectly.


Gecey’s light box is designed to output a perfectly illumination across the surface of the led backlight panels.



 Illuminate any translucent material to produce bright, uniform backlit and vibrant, sustainable architectural features or illuminated graphics and signage.


 Every Gecey’s LED Light box is custom manufactured to the dimensions/shape, light level and kelvin temperature or RGB output to each client’s specific project’s requirements.


With multiple fully dimmable output level options and the ability to embedd LEDs along 1, 2, 3 or all 4 edges of the acrylic, our light boxes are fabricated to the ideal light level required for your application.


Meticulous fabrication process coupled with stringent quality control measures and UL safety certification ensures your Gecey’s LED light box arrives as expected and outperforms your  expectations throughout the LED box’s longevity.


 Gecey offers a wide selection of light boxes. Gecey has plenty of aluminum frame. You can choose whatever you like and we also provide indoor and outdoor light box.


From concept to implementation, architects to end users, Gecey’s knowledgeable design consultants and technicians offer assistance throughout the project to meet your functional requirements and achieve your aesthetic lighting objective.