led light box , led tubes and plexiglass manufacturer

Gecey provides the best backlit panels , panel lights and led light boxes . we also produce the led tubes , plexiglass , led monitor and led TV . best solution , best quality and affordable price .

Gecey’s led backlight panel

edge-lit panel

Edge-lit panel

Gecey’s edge-lit panel are all made by laser machine . The light is very uniform and comfortable. The acrylic sheet is import form Japanese . All materials are green and friendly to the environment .

rectangular led backlit panel

Rectangular led backlit panel

Gecey’s rectangular led backlit panel . Gecey puts the whole energy in making the best backlit led panel. There are no any hot pots on our panels. They are the best backlight solutions in your products.

polygonal edge-lit panel 

Polygonal edge-lit panel 

All Gecey’s backlit panel are cut by machines. So the shape , the size , the thickness ,the voltage and so on are all custom. We can design them according to your products.

curved backlit panel

Curved backlit panel

Gecey has the most competitive technology to make any backlight panel. The backlight panel can be not only plane but also three-dimensional. Every design is fashionable.

Amazing led light box

fabric light box

Fabric light box

Gecey’s traditional led light box. There are many frame and frameless led boxes. Led light box advertising is the best way to introduce you products to clients. It is convenient and the cost is affordable.

slim led light box

Slim led light box

The appearance of Gecey’s slim light boxes are beautiful and they are very useful and convenient. Good appearance can attract much more clients for you. So come to use Gecey’ s light box.

magnetic led light box

Magnetic led light box

Magnetic led light box , the most convenient light box in the world . You can change the pictures very easily. Everything is custom. Just tell us what size and shape do you want. We can design for you , it is free .

crystal led light box

Crystal led light box

Gecey’s crystal led light box. The most common size is a4 light box and a3 light box. We can use them as the menu. We can place them in the shop , company and so on . They are very attractive because of the amazing lighting.

Gecey’s led panel light

round led panel light

Round led panel light

custom led panel from the size to the shape and so on. Gecey provides many kinds of led panel light. We have 600 X 600 led panel , 1200 X 1200 led panel and many other size.

rectangular  led panel light

Rectangular  led panel light

The most fashionable and attractive led panel in the world. We can not only decide the size and shape , but also print any patterns on the led panel. It makes our led panels look  so amazing.

custom led panel light

Custom led panel light

The most fashionable and attractive round led panel. We can print any picture on the panel , for example the family, the flower , the pats ,the logo and so on. Gecey believes this product will be very popular.

unique led light panel

Unique led light panel

Gecey’s led light panels are unique in the world , not only the price and the structure , but also we can print any patterns on the panels by the laser machine.

Green led fluorescent tube

T5 led tube

T5 led tube

T5 led tube is a little thinner than t8 . There are many prefect appearance of led t5 tubes. So you have many choices. Huge of t5 led tubes are used in factory , garage and other places.

T8 led tube

T8 led tube

Gecey produces many t8 led tubes. You can choose the length , the voltage and the color temperature. T8 led tubes are very bright . They are widely used in the hospital, the school, the marker, the bank and so on.

T12 led tube

T12 led tube

T12 led tube is the biggest. The diameter is 38mm. the brightness is very high. The input voltage can be 12VDC ,24VDC,110VAC or any other voltages. The color temperature can be 3000k,4000k,6000k or others.

Led tube parts

Led tube parts

All parts Gecey use are green and very good quality. We give 5 years warranty for all our products to our clients. So don’t worry about anything. We are excited that you can talk with us.

Gecey’s Perspex sheet

clear acrylic sheet

Clear acrylic sheet

Gecey has many clear acrylic sheet. The thickness is from 1mm to over 20mm. The common size of the acrylic plastic sheets is 1220mm X 2440mm. We can cut them to any size and shape.

colored acrylic sheet

Colored acrylic sheet

The acrylic sheet can be made to any color, red , blue, green ,black and so on. Gecey can also make the acrylic sheet with pattern, for example flower, grain and so on . It is amazing.

frosted acrylic sheet

Frosted acrylic sheet

Frosted acrylic sheet is the best material for the led lighting. It can diffuse light perfectly. Different frosted acrylic sheet has different light transmittance. So please tell us what do you need. We are waiting for you all the time.

patterned acrylic sheet

Patterned acrylic sheet

Did you notice some very fashion furniture in your life? Do you know the surface of many fashion furniture is made by patterned acrylic sheet? Gecey provides a large number of patterned acrylic sheet.

Gecey’s monitor

flat monitor

Flat monitor

Flat monitors are the most common and well known monitors. They are wide used in our daily life. Gecey manufactures all sizes of computer monitors. Gecey’s monitor is the best monitor and the monitor price is affordable.

curved monitor

Curved monitor

Curved monitors are the most fashionable. They are the best monitors for yours eyes to catch the patterns in the computer screen. Gecey has different sizes of curved monitor, such as 24 inch monitor, 27 inch monitor and so on.

touch screen monitor

Touch screen monitor

Touch screen monitors are the most convenient for the operators. They are wide used in the shops, super markets, ATM machine and so on. If you have any needs for the monitors, just contact us. It is free!

custom monitor

Custom monitor

Gecey can provide custom monitors. We can design for you to meet your different applications. In special situations, for example the gaming monitor , may be you need structure of monitor. We can make it happen.

Gecey’s led TV

flat led TV

Flat led TV

Gecey offers all sizes of flat led TV , such as 32 inch TV, 32 smart TV , 55 inch TV and any others. Gecey’s led TVs are the best in the world , because our TVs are widely used, fashionable, affordable and high-quality.

curved led TV

Curved led TV

Gecey manufactures the most fashionable curved led TVs. Curved led TVs are much more comfortable for your eyes to catch the pictures. Gecey has plenty of curved led TVs on sale. The best led TVs with best price are waiting for you.



We have many standard sizes available and can create custom sizes .


Our products is available in custom color temperatures between 2700k~9000k.


We are able to reproduce a broad array of colors using the RGB spectrum! Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.


Gecey guarantee the quality of the products we provided are the best , every products is 5 years warranty.


Our price is affordable and reasonable


If you ever need help, we will be there for you. Gecey provides best services for Every customer