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Gecey offers high brightness T12 light tube

Gecey produces a range of led lights , including T5 led tube, T8 led tube light, T12 light tube and other led lights. Our LED lighting improves your lighting quality, saves your money, protects your environment and brings you more businesses. Whatever price, quality or other characteristics , Gecey’s lighting solutions are much better than our competitions.

Gecey is your best led light manufacturer in China. We provides vide variety led lighting solutions for your led lighting systems. Gecey not only manufacture high lumen light tubes , but also other wide led products, such as best led light bulbs, colored led lights, dimmable led light bulbs. We also can provide these products, such as flexible led strip, green led lights, home led lighting, indoor led lighting, industrial led lighting, kitchen led lighting and much more.

Gecey has much experiences in led lighting. If you have any questions , please let us know. It’s our pleasure to help you.

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T12 light tube 1
T12 light tube 2
T12 light tube 7
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T12 light tube 8
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T12 light tube 4


  1. Fashionable and Elegant Design
  2. Higher Light Transmission Rate
  3. Aluminum frame , cannot be easily damaged
  4. No infrared, doesn’t attract flies
  5. Install easily
  6. Save power and money
  7. Safety, no Mercury or Lead content
  8. Green, environment friendly


  • Brand: Gecey
  • led type: SMD
  • Lifespan of led:50 000 hrs
  • Wattage: according to the specific length
  • Beam angle:360 Degree
  • Material: Acrylic + aluminum
  • Working conditions: -20° – +45°
  • Certification: CE, CCC, ROHS, UL
  • Warranty: 5years
  • Special features: constant power driver


  1. Warehouse
  2. Freezer
  3. Gymnasium
  4. Factory



Length is custom. We can design any length of light tube for you


12VDC,24VDC,100~265VAC or other voltages


White, RGB are all available


3000k to 12000k when it is white

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