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Gecey’s 150005 backlight lighting

150005 backlight panel

150005 RGB backlight lighting

150005RGB is a RGB backlight lighting with a thickness of 6 mm and an input voltage of 12 VDC. This was the new case we got in September 2015. 150005RGB backlight lighting also adopted two back-to-back LED light bars. Since the width of RGB light bar was only 4 mm, the ordinary 5050RGB LED was not applicable. We had to find a smaller RGB LED, and this problem troubled us for a long time. There were few RGB LEDs less than 4 mm in the market. At last we found a RGB LED used for LCD screen back light; its thickness was 3.5 mm and it happened to be applied to the pcb board of 4 mm.

The problem of LED was solved. The next problems were related to current and production. Since the input voltage was 12V, and the number of RGB LED was much, we had to use the same processing mode with that Doubletopper back light, that was to divide a long led light bar into several short LED light bars, then to lead them out with lines, and connect them together to the power supply. The light bar of 150005RGB backlight lighting is very narrow in width, but RBG light bar needs 4 control lines, i.e. +12VDC,R,G,B. Therefore, the pad of each control line on pcb board is small, causing difficulty in connecting 2 light bars during production. Later we adopted manual welding.

The orders of 150005RGB backlight lighting from 2015 to 2016 are as follows:

The orders of 150005RGB back lights from 2054 to 2016
Order No.DateQuantity ( pcs )Order No.DateQuantity ( pcs )

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