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Gecey’s 12B1806 backlit board

FA-12B1806-LED backlight panel

FA-12B1806-LED backlit board for SUZO-HAPP

This backlit board is 8 mm thick; its size is 456.7 mm * 168 mm; the input voltage is 12 VDC, and it absorbs lights from two short edges. In July 2013, Andy from SUZO-HAPP sent us a set of sample, and we needed to offer a price, make a sample and send them for test. After receiving the sample, we offered a price to Andy in no time, and then designed the mechanical drawing and LED light bar. We began to assemble after we got all materials needed; then we sent the assembled sample to Andy for test. The first sample we sent did not satisfy Andy; later we revised the sample for several times, and finally the sample was determined.

FA-12B1806-LED is an ordinary rectangular backlit board. A groove of about 4 mm deep needs to be dug on the bottom of the backlit board with CNC machine. Then a light bar with a cooling fin is put in the groove, and pasted with gummed paper around the back light.

The orders of this product from 2013 to 2016 are as follows:

The orders of this product from 2013 to 2016
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