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Gecey’s 24B2130 backlit led panel

FA-24B2130-LED backlight panel

FA-24B2130-LED backlit led panel for SUZO-HAPP

FA-24B2130-LED is the first backlit led panel we customized for SUZO-HAPP. At that time Andy sent us a draft on the paper, and we began our design according to the draft. The size of the backlit led panel was 304.8mm *215.9mm. Its thickness was 3mm. The light could get in it from upper and lower edges. Input voltage was 24VDC. In principle, back light of this size was smaller and was easy to be produced. However, there was something special about the back light. The bottom edge of the back plate was shorter than the upper edge, and there was a chamfer in right and left side of the bottom edge. When the light bar was installed, there would be a shadow at the chamfer, which influenced much the overall effect.

To overcome the shadow, we tried various methods. We hoped to reduce as much as possible the negative effects brought by the shadow through changing the dotting method of back light under the condition of not changing the size of appearance. We sent Andy the sample for test after many attempts. However, unfortunately the answer we got was that the sample failed tests. Therefore we redesigned the back light and sent sample over and over again. It took us three months in total to get the sample approved. When we knew that the sample was approved, everyone was very happy. The product finally could step into the production stage.

From 2012 to 2016, orders of the product are as follows:

The orders of the product from 2012 to 2016
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