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Gecey’s 24B2309 acrylic lighting panels

FA-24B2309-LED backlight panel

FA-24B2309-LED acrylic lighting panels for SUZO-HAPP

FA-24B2309-LED is a acrylic lighting panels of SUZO-HAPP, and it is applied to game machines by SUZO-HAPP. It is rectangular; its size is 600.2mm * 231.9mm * 3mm; its input voltage is 24 V and the color temperature is 10,000k. FA-24B2309-LED adopts laser dotting design, and has uniform overall brightness. We began to be exposed to this product in 2013.

In March 2013, our client, SUZO-HAPP attended the Macau G2E Asia exhibition, then our business manager, Cathy was invited to see our products in the exhibition. The left picture is the picture of FA-24B2309-LED shown on the exhibition; seen from the picture, the entire product seems very beautiful. In this exhibition, Cathy discussed with James, general manager of SUZO-HAPP, and Andy Viso, business manager of SUZO-HAPP about relevant products and future cooperation intention. We gained a lot. This picture is the group photo taken by Cathy, James and Andy Viso.

The followings are orders of this product from 2014 to 2015.

The orders of this product from 2014 to 2015
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