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Gecey’s 24B310616 flat led lights

310616 backlight panel

310616 flat led lights for KONAMI

310616 is the client number; it is a product of KONAMI. Our product number is FA-24B1107-LED, whose input voltage is 24 VDC, and whose thickness is 4 mm.

In December 2014, we got the case of FA-24B1107-LED. This back light was not very difficult to make, but its light guide plate was special, a material called .157 (4mm) THK ACRYLITE LED (ENDLIGHTEN). This material was imported from Germany, did not be dotted, and was a new transparent material emitting light from two sides. Be careful when processing ENDLIGHTEN, because once there was a little scratch, it could be seen very clearly after being lit. No defect was allowable, and we must make it perfect as far as possible.

The followings are orders of this product from 2014 to 2016.

The orders of this product from 2014 to 2016
Order No.DateQuantity ( pcs )Order No.DateQuantity ( pcs )

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