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Gecey’s double topper back lights

Double topper backlight panel

Double topper back lights for SUZO-HAPP

Double topper is a product of SUZO-HAPP. We took charge of design and production of electronic parts, including the design of circuit, software and back lights. In February 2014, Jeff smith contacted us and said they needed this new product, but time was very tight, SUZO-HAPP needed to get the sample ahead of competitors. This was a big challenge for us, because we had to design electronic parts from scratch.

After receiving the case, our company organized staff to design for it instantly. Firstly, RGB light bar adopted 5050RGBLED; the driver chip of LED adopted TB62726, which was a shift register of 16 bit. Then the entire Double topper shared the 212pcs 5050RGB LED. The control panel adopted ARM7 controller, LPC1754. This singlechip was 32 bits with high cost performance. The software used c language.

The back light of Double topper is very special, with two back-to-back led light bars; its input voltage is 12 VDC. One piece of back lights uses about 702pcs 3020 LED, with color temperature of 7000k-8000k. Due to low voltage and many LEDs, the current of back light would be very large; however the groove of back lights of Double topper can only hold 3 mm-wide light bars. Thus we must try to lower the current of LED light bar to a safe range. At last we divided a long LED light bar into several short LED light bars, and led the light bars outside the back light with lines. Then we connected those line to the power supply, so as to reduce the current on each LED light bar.

The orders of backlight panel of Double topper are as follows:

The orders of backlight panel of Double topper
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