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Gecey’s F09T5 led tube light

F09T5 LED tube

F09T5 led tube light for SUZO-HAPP

F09T5 led tube light was a new case in 2016, whose input voltage was 24V. It adopted 2835  3.0V/60mA LED, and its color temperature was 6500k. In January 2016, Andy from SUZO-HAPP sent us a small T5 light tube. The enclosure of sample sent was transparent. LED, PCB boards could be seen clearly; light eyes can be seen obviously when the light was on. We began our design after we got the sample, we firstly found the enclosure of T5 tube. It took us a lot of time because it was not that easy to be found like the T8 enclosure. The enclosure of T5 tube was half aluminum and half opalescent plastic.

The LED light bar was designed by electronic engineer. Since the input voltage of F09T5 was the same as that of F15T8, it didn’t take too much time to design it. We could make some changes on the basis of F15T8. We assembled the sample and sent it to the client for test. As a result, it was approved at one time.

Since F09T5 is a new case, there are not so many orders temporarily. Here we introduce F09T5 led tube light because it is a kind of T5 tube.

The orders of F09T5 are as follows:

The orders of F09T5 LED tube
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