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Gecey’s F15T8 led tube

F15T8 LED tube

F15T8 LED tube for SUZO-HAPP

Serial number of the products is 7a0375-1. Serial number of our products is F15T8. In June 2013, Andy from SUZO-HAPP sent us the sample of 7A0375-1 and told us they needed the quote and samples of the product. He also required that no light eyes could be seen in the sample we made. We designed according to the sample, finding the enclosure and LED light bars designed by electronic engineer. To solve the problem of light eyes, we chose small LED, that was, 2835  3.0V/60mA LED. The distance between the two LEDs was around 9 mm, so the light eyes would not be seen when the light was on.

When we assembled the sample for the first time, we sent it to Andy for test. Then Andy answered that the sample was too bright and the light tube was too hot after the light was on for a period of time. When we got the message, we began our second design immediately. We increased the resistance and decreased electric current. We decreased the electric current of individual LED to 40mA. We assembled again the sample and again sent it to Andy for test. After that, Andy replied that our sample was approved and could be put into mass production.

Input voltage of F15T8 is 24VDC. The diameter of the light tube is 26 mm. The length is 448.3 mm.

The orders of the product from 2013 to 2016 are as follows:

The orders of the product from 2013 to 2016
Order No.DateQuantity ( pcs )Order No.DateQuantity ( pcs )

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