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Gecey’s F20T12 light tube

F20T12 LED tube

F20T12 light tube for SUZO-HAPP

The case F20T12 light tube began in March, 2014. At that time Andy from SUZO-HAPP sent us a mechanical drawing of F20T12 and asked us to offer a price and make a sample. We got accessories according to the requirement, designed LED light bars, assembled them and sent to Andy for test. The sample passed the test. In the process of sample production, there were a few confusing problems, for example the client did not note the tube length clearly on the mechanical drawing. We communicated promptly with Andy and Mike Wilson, purchaser from SUZO-HAPP, then such problems were solved one by one.

The input voltage of F20T12 light tube is 24V; the tube has a length of 600 mm, a diameter of 38 mm, and adopts 2835 3.0V/60mA LED. Its color temperature is 6,500 k.

The orders of F20T12 are as follows:

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