Outdoor TV & weatherproof TV

You might be wondering about the need of having an outdoor TV & the fact that why are they so popular now a days. Well just imagine the touch of warm sunlight on you skin or the feel of a light cool breeze against your body and being surrounded by nature while having the luxury & comfort of enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Outdoor TV or weatherproof TV is essential for your home, especially when you have a garden, backyard or an outdoor swimming pool. You can have it installed in your gazebo, patio, by the pool side or anywhere in your garden.

However, before buying an outdoor TV, we recommend that you know more about the product. This can help you to get the prefect product which can meet your requirements. The following article will help you to develop the key knowledge about this product.

Catalog of this article:

1.Protection(Complex use environment of outdoor TV) 

2.Brightness (3 types of outdoor TV) 

3.Is it possible to use an indoor TV as an outdoor TV? 

4.Price and Where to buy? 

5.Daily maintenance of TV set 

6.Other features  (smart,Wi-Fi,size)

7. Interfaces of outdoor TV

8.Similar TVs may be you are interested in(small TV, 19 inch TV, mirror TV, bathroom TV)

1.Protection(Complex use environment of outdoor TV)

When you search for an outdoor television, you will realize that they are more expensive than the same size indoor television sets. The reason is that an outdoor television needs a much higher-level of protection. The use environment is very complex and the television needs to deal with them so that it can be used safely over a long period of time when it is installed outdoors. To understand this, let us see that the things that might happen to the outdoor TV.


Leaves: An outdoor TV is always installed in the garden or some other outdoor place. There must be some plants or trees present in close proximity to the television. Leaves from these trees may end up in the television.

Dust: Most of the gardens are located next to some road and due to traffic on the road, tiny dust particles get suspended in the air and may easily find a way inside your television. There is always more dust outside than inside.


Smoke: You are more likely to arrange a party in your garden than in any other part of your house and may want to have a barbecue going on for your friends and family. Smoke is going to be produced by the grill and may reach the television. As we all know that smoke is very dangerous for television sets.

Insects: Your garden is always very beautiful and spacious and you enjoy being in the garden very much; as do a lot of insects. They also love your garden very much, such as ants, geckos and other insects. They might even make a nest inside your TV and store a lot of food in the television. It might attract ants, spiders and wasps.


Water: In most cases, the rain doesn’t fall directly on the TV but it is possible if there is a windy condition. Also, you need to water your garden every week and kids, they love playing games with water guns. These similar situations would cause the water to enter the television and cause a short circuit. Water is very dangerous for an ordinary tv It can cause a short circuit and burn the TV.

Stone impact: The garden is the most important place for your family to spend the weekends and holidays. There are always many parties and sports taking place in the garden. The children love to play games in the garden and might throw things, such as stone, shoes, tennis, football, basketball and so on. That’s why our outdoor TV’s are made much stronger than other TV’s to bear the impact of these things to some extent.

Stone impact/Gecey.com

Weather: Because the protection level is much higher in outdoor TV’s than indoor TV’s, that’s why a cooling system is of vital importance for the outdoor television. For example, in summer, the outside temperature might reach 51°C and during winter season in the north, it can drop to a whopping  -30°C, which is a big test for the outdoor TV.

There are many other unexpected situations which would happen to your outdoor TV. For example, your cute cat loves sleeping on your television. However, one of the most important features for an outdoor TV is to be waterproof and that’s why all of the outdoor TVs or weatherproof TVs are waterproof.

To face such a complex use environment, the outdoor television should be able to protect itself for a long time and to maintain its prefect structure. Thus, the requirements associated with an outdoor television is much higher than the indoor television. Therefore, the high prices are reasonable.

2.Brightness (3 types of outdoor TV)

Brightness or luminance is another very important factor for an outdoor TV. The brightness of the outdoor light is much higher than that of the indoor light, so if you want to watch TV outside, the brightness of the TV needs to be higher than an indoor TV.

You might have experienced this phenomenon when you use your phone in the sun, you find it difficult to see what’s on the screen. Well it’s because the brightness of your phone is not enough for using in the sun and same goes for televisions.

The brightness of Indoor TV is usually about 250nit(nit=cd/m2), but the minimum requirement for an outdoor TV is 400 nits. The maximum brightness of the outdoor TV can reach up to 2500 nit. According to different use environments, the outdoor television can be divided into three types:

Full shade, Partial shade, Full sun.

Full shade outdoor TV/Gecey.com

Full shade

Has a brightness of 400 nit to 600 nits. This type means the sunlight doesn’t shine on the TV all day.

Partial shade outdoor TV/Gecey.com

Partial shade

Has a brightness of 600 nit to 1000 nit. This type means the sunlight would shine on the TV for a few hours per day.

Full sun outdoor TV/Gecey.com

Full sun

Has a brightness of over 1000 nit (1000 nit to 3000 nit). This type means the sunlight would shine on the TV for a long time per day.

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3.Is it possible to use an indoor TV as an outdoor TV?

A lot of people would have such a question in their mind and the answer is “yes”, it is possible in some cases, but we do not recommend doing so. For instance, you have a party in the evening, you take your indoor TV to use it outdoors and when the party is over, you take the television back indoors. It is OK, because the TV is bright enough when it is used outdoors in the evening.

This method can only be used temporarily and is very troublesome. Surely the prices of indoor TV’s are lower, but if you want to install a television outside for a long-term use, then without any doubt an outdoor TV is the best choice for you. Only an outdoor TV can deal with the complex external environment and brightness problems.

4.Price and Where to buy

The purchase of an outdoor TV is not as easy as an indoor ordinary TV. There are plenty of sources to purchase an indoor TV from, with an attractive price and good quality. Compared to indoor TV, the sellers of the outdoor TV are few. When you search the outdoor TV in an online super market, such as Amazon, Walmart and so on, you will find there are almost no outdoor televisions that you want.

Another method is to search for an outdoor television in your local super markets or electrical appliances stores. If you are lucky enough, you may find one, but the legwork it takes is tiresome. Usually, there aren’t any outdoor televisions available in your local super markets.

The best way, is to buy from the manufacturer directly, that way you can get the best quality and price from them. As you might already know that prices offered by a manufacturer are always much lower than those offered by a retailer. If the outdoor television is shipped by air, it will be delivered to you within one week.

Another advantage of buying from the manufacturer is that you can get the ideal products that you need. The manufacturer always has the full range of the outdoor televisions, such as from 24 inch to 75 inch and their different parameters can be adjusted to meet your different requirements, such as the brightness and so on.

Each of the three types of outdoor TV have a different price tag as the use environment of the full sun type is the most complex that’s why it’s the most expensive one.

On the other hand, the full shade type outdoor TV has minimal requirements which makes it the cheapest among the three variants. Different sellers have different prices and the best way to get the prefect outdoor TV with an affordable price is to buy directly from the manufacturer, which delivers from another country with a low cost, such as China.

Outdoor TV 1/Gecey.com
Outdoor TV 2/Gecey.com
Outdoor TV 3/Gecey.com
Outdoor TV 4/Gecey.com

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5.Daily maintenance of TV set

Outdoor TV’s require a different level of maintenance as compared to indoor TV’s. When a television is placed outdoors, it is faced with much more strenuous conditions. Although, if you take proper precautions and maintain your TV setup properly, your TV can easily have the same extended lifetime that indoor TV’s have.

In an outdoor setting, the coaxial signal connection (the cable that screws into the back of the TV and/or cable box) can get corrosion built up on it. The corrosive build-up can diminish the signal and eventually damage the connection if left for long enough. To prevent any kind of corrosion, it is best to make a monthly routine of unscrewing the coaxial cable and wiping the connection down with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

Also, you should turn off the power supply if you are not going to use the tv for a long time. But the most important precaution is to use a TV cover to protect the TV from natural elements like sunshine, rain, dust when not in use. TV covers are cheap and very useful and will prolong the lifespan of your outdoor tv.

TV cover/Gecey.com

6.Other features (smart,Wi-Fi,size)

Smart function/Gecey.com

Smart function:

Smart function is an essential feature for an outdoor TV. The smart outdoor television which just like a smart phone has its operating system and has the capability to install and uninstall various applications as per your requirements. The system is very convenient for you to get some personalized features and keep the OS of the television up-to-date so that it is not out of date. The smart outdoor TV has a large storage space, which is used to store all of your applications.

Sometimes you’re busy and miss your favorite TV show of the day, well no more; now you can use the smart outdoor TV to watch all of your favorite TV shows from last week. There are several kinds of mainstream operating systems in the market, but Android is by far the most used system in smart televisions.



The Wi-Fi feature is also essential for an outdoor TV. If you want to download applications or watch movies online then you have to get the TV connected to the Internet. There is usually a distance of several meters between the TV and the router and It is not convenient and unsightly if you use a cable, that’s what makes Wi-Fi such a necessary feature in an outdoor TV.


Size & View distance:

What size of outdoor TV would be best for your garden? Answering this question is really important before making a purchase. Generally, the garden has a large space, so large sized outdoor TV’s are more popular. Most outdoor TVs are over 32 inches in size but can cause pain in your eyes when you watch it for a long time if the size is too big.

The appropriate size for a TV is closely related to the viewing distance and experts suggest that viewing distance = LCD TV diagonal distance x 3. What it means is for a 55 inches TV, the diagonal distance is 55 × 2.54 (1-inch equals to 2.54 cm), and the final result is 4.19 meters. Therefore, a 39 inches TV set, will have a comfortable viewing distance of 3 meters. This is just a rough calculation method. In actual use, we need to consider more factors, such as the resolution and so on.

7. Interfaces of outdoor TV

A rich interface is very necessary for an outdoor being a comprehensive entertainment platform. You can not only use it to watch TV or sports, but also connect it to your computer as a monitor to play games or play movies off the DVD player. There are several kinds of interfaces that are essential for an outdoor TV, such as the HDMI, USB, AV- in and others.

HDMI interface/Gecey.com

HDMI: HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a fully digital video and audio transmission interface. HDMI is essential for an outdoor TV. Sometimes, we need to use the outdoor television to play games or watch movies from the computer, connect other devices to the television and so on.

More and more devices use HDMI interface, because it is very convenient and fast. For instance, you want to watch a 4K movie from your computer and that’s when you will come to know that the HDMI port is the best solution to connect the computer and the television because it provides high resolution image with a high-quality sound without any lag.

VGA interface/Gecey.com

VGA: VGA or Video Graphics Array is a standard type of connection for video devices such as monitors, projectors, graphic cards and laptops. You can use the VGA port to connect your laptop or computer with your tv by using a VGA cable to get a high-resolution image.

USB interface/Gecey.com

USB: A Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a common interface that enables communication between devices and a host controller such as your tv. It connects peripheral devices such as digital cameras, mice, keyboards, printers, media devices, external hard drives and flash drives.

AV-in interface/Gecey.com

AV-in: AV input is a connector to receive audio/visual signals from electronic equipment that generates AV signals. With the help of AV-in you can connect your DVD player, VHS recorder or your camcorder to the tv directly.

Rf-in interface/Gecey.com

RF-in: It is the antenna interface used in older television. This interface was used for cable television. Although it is available on all TV, it is becoming obsolete.