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Chapter 1: What’s the smart board

The smart board is an all in one interactive display machine which is specially designed for teaching and conference. It’s the prefect product to replace the traditional white board. The smart board is a kind of white board with smart function and multi touch screen.

Compared with traditional white board, the smart board has many remarkable features. First of all, it has operating system. It’s very similar with the computer which allows you install plenty of professional software and applications. Second, it has powerful hardware configuration, such as 4G RAM, 500G hard disk and so on. This means you can store a huge amount of important files on it, for example, meeting minutes, courseware, students’ homework etc. Third, it can be connected to network via the internal cable or Wi-Fi. This means you can watch videos you’re your students or colleagues online. You can install the Skype, Facebook or any other tools to have a teleconference with colleagues. You can also upload or download the courseware or homework  very easily. Fourth, It has very rich interfaces, such as USB, HDMI and so on.

This article will tell you everything about the smart board, such as the system, software, structure, interface and so on. If you want to buy such product, this article is also the best guide for you. Follow this guide, you can get the perfect smart board with the best quality and price.

Chapter 2: Best smart board for sale

The smart board is very complex product. In order to introduce every aspect about such product to you, this guide should be very long. If you just want to buy some smart boards, then you just need to read this chapter.

Before buying you need to find a professional manufacturer. What kind of the manufacturer is professional? First of all, it should can provide the smart board with high quality and affordable price. Second, it should have a variety of products for selection, such as all sizes of the smart boards. Third, it should have the ability to produce custom products which can meet variety different requirements of the clients. For example, some clients need to print their LOGO on the frame of the board.

GECEY is the expert in the field of the smart board. We have full products which different parameters for selection. The quality and the price is the best. GECEY has the ability of making variety custom products. We can design and produce by ourselves. The software we usually use to design has AutoCAD, Solidworks and many others.

Our staff have a lot of experience of the smart boards. We have exported plenty of such products to clients from all over the world and received a lot of praise. We will always provide you with the best service. The followings are some boards and the list shows the capability that we design and make such products. Please feel free to use the blue button to contact us.

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Smart board CECEY can provide

Screen Size19 inch to 100 inch
Touch screenCapacitive touch screen or infrared touch screen
SystemWindows or Android
Enclosure colorCustom, recommend black and silvery
CPUi3, i5, i7
RAM1G, 2G, 4G, 8G
Hard disk8G, 16G, 128G, 250G, 500G

Recommended configuration

recommended configuration-Sboard|
All in one functions-Sboard|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-BSB320A0
  • Screen Size: 32 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 698 x 393mm
All in one functions-Sboard|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-BSB430A0
  • Screen Size: 43 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 941 x 529mm
All in one functions-Sboard|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-BSB550A0
  • Screen Size: 55 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 1209 x 680mm
All in one functions-Sboard|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-BSB650A0
  • Screen Size: 65 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 1431 x 806mm

For more products from 19 inch to 100 inch,prices and any other questions, please feel free to use the form below to contact us.

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Chapter 3: Size & room

The size of smart board means the screen diagonal size. Most of smart boards are middle size or large size, such as 32 inch, 49 inch, 65 inch and so on. The large size is the most popular. The space of many classrooms and meeting rooms are large. In this situation, the large size of screen is the best selection. The sizes of few smart boards are small. If you need the small platform for personal use, for instance, every student has one smart product, then please feel free to tell us. Such product needs special design and production.

The LCD smart board has rich screen size for selection, such as 32”, 43”, 55”,86” and others. The OLED type just has several sizes which are available at present, for example, 55”,65” and 75”. You need to pay attention to the space of your room. The simplest rule is that the most suitable size is the best. The following list shows you the suitable screen size for the room with different space.

  • Screen Size
  • 32 inch
  • 43 inch
  • 49 inch
  • 55 inch
  • 65 inch
  • 75 inch
  • 86 inch
  • Length x Width x Height
  • 749 x 444 x 65mm
  • 991 x 579 x 65mm
  • 1132.5 x 664 x 91.5mm
  • 1257.5 x 743.5 x 84.5mm
  • 1482.5 x 879.5 x 91.5mm
  • 1704.5 x 1006.5 x 91.5mm
  • 1950.5 x 1145.5 x 91.5mm
  • Recommended Room Size
  • ≤20㎡
  • ≤20㎡
  • ≤20㎡
  • ≤20㎡
  • ≤25㎡
  • 20㎡ – 40㎡
  • ≥40㎡
  • Weight
  • 13KG
  • 22KG
  • 23KG
  • 26KG
  • 48KG
  • 59KG
  • 78KG

Chapter 4: Resolution of smart board

The resolution is used to describe the capability that the display product plays the clear picture.  The higher the resolution, the clearer the picture it can display. Simply put, the higher the resolution, the better.

For the smart board, there are two kinds of commonly used resolution. They are 1080P ( 1920 x 1080 or FHD) and 4K (3840 x 2160). You can choose either of them, caused by they are both acceptable for most of applications. The 1080P resolution is still very popular, but the 4K resolution is the trend.

Chapter 5: Classification

According to purpose, the smart boards can be divided into two types, one is used for classroom and another is used for meeting room. Most parts of the two types are very similar, such as the structure and so on. There are still some main difference between them, for example the software and appearance.

Chapter 6: Structure of smart board

The structure of the smart board is simple. It consist of several main components, They are frame, touch screen, monitor screen, control board, power supply, etc. The following picture shows you the inner structure of this product.

From the picture, we can see that the smart board can be divided into several main parts.

Frame or enclosure: The enclosure is used to hold and protect the inner parts. It’s made by the iron plate, aluminum and so on. For details, please read the chapter 13.

Touch screen: The most commonly used touch screen is IR touch screen. For details, please read the chapter 12.

Computer display monitor: Some special use environment need to use special monitor, for example outdoor.

control board: Most of smart boards use the computer motherboard. That means they are a kind of all in one computer with touch screen. You can install variety kinds of software that you like. The motherboard is usually industrial grade. Although the motherboard is powerful, its performance is not as outstanding as many professional computers. That’s because the smart board is always very thin, that means there is not large space for motherboard, power supply, fan and so on.

It’s also available, if you need the smart board with professional configuration. Tell you detail requirement to GECEY, then we can design and make the custom product for you. If convenient for the manufacturer to change the power supply, fan, motherboard and so on.

power supply: The power supply is very simply. It’s install inside of the smart board. The input voltage can be 90VAC – 240VAC. That means it can be used in any country in the world.

Although the structure looks simple, but the smart board is a complex product with more characteristics than common products. It’s very important to pay more attention to the characteristics. Many of they are custom. You need to know the custom features and choose the best solution for your application. The following will show all of them to you.

Chapter 7: System

The smart board has are two types commonly use operating system. They are android and windows. You can use either of them or both. The windows system is more popular for such product and there are several versions available, for example, win7, win8 and win10. We recommend to use the win10, caused by it’s the latest.

Chapter 8: LCD panel of OLED panel

The display panel is one of the most important parts of the smart board. Most of the smart boards use the LCD panels with LED backlight. Such panels are very common and widely used in plenty of computer monitors and TVs. We always hear that lots of people talk about the LED monitors or LED TVs. In fact, they all are made by the LCD panels.

The OLED panel is more and more popular. It’s a new technology in recent years. There are many sizes of OLED panels that are used to made smart boards, such as 55”, 65”, 75” and so on.

So which one is better? LCD panel or OLED panel? Generally speaking, in many cases, it depends on your personal preferences. You can use either of them. The followings are some advantages and disadvantages of them.

LCD panel: The LCD panel has been widely used for many years. Its quality is very stable and the price is pretty. There are plenty such panels with different sizes and resolutions for selection. The screen brightness is also very easy to be adjusted by the manufacturer. Most of smart boards use the LCD panels at present.

OLED panel: The smart board with OLED panel would be more popular in the future, but at present, there are just few sizes of such boards that are available in the market, such as 55”, 65” etc. The advantage of OLED panel is its contrast ratio is much higher than LCD panel. That means you can watch very high quality pictures from the screen. However, the smart board with OLED panel has some disadvantages.

First of all, its price is higher. Second, there are just few sizes of such products for selection. Third, it’s very hard for the user to adjust the screen brightness and there are not the OLED panels with very high brightness. Fourth, it’s life time is shorter than the smart board with LCD panel. The average life time of OLED panel is 30000 hours, but the life time of LCD panel is over 50000 hours.

Usually, both of them are available for many applications. For example, you need a smart board for your home, then you can choose any of them. The smart board has many important parameters, such as the size, resolution and so on. There is a parameter that is important but often overlooked. It’s the screen brightness and the following chapter will show you the details.

Chapter 9: Screen brightness

We’ve heard a lot of similar situations. When the customers get the smart boards, they find that they can not see the pictures clearly when they use it in the room full of sunlight. It would be a very bad experience, if the customers spend much money to buy a smart board and at last they find it can’t be used normally.

What causes this? That’s because they didn’t notice the screen brightness of the smart board.

The screen brightness is often overlooked. Most of the customers are just the users. They don’t know the technology and don’t realize there would be such problem before paying money. Many sellers of smart boards don’t have enough communication with customers. They just send the default product to the customers. The result is that some customers meet such problem. It’s very hard to deal with it when the product has been shipped out.

Normally, the smart board is used indoor and the screen brightness is about 200 nits to 400 nits by default. However, some smart boards are used in special environment, for example outdoor, the room with bright sunlight and so on. In these similar cases, the common smart board is too dark so that you can not see the pictures clearly. You need to choose the product with high screen brightness in such situations.

To avoid buying the wrong product, the following is some advices for reference.

If your use environment is indoor with very bright light, then it’s better to use the smart board which is made by the daylight readable monitor. The screen brightness of daylight readable monitor is about 400 nits to 700 nits.

If your environment is the place that the sunlight can shine the screen, then you need the use the smart board which is made by sunlight readable monitor. The screen brightness of sunlight readable monitor is over 1000 nits.

Besides the screen brightness, there are also some other factors which can affect the effect when the smart board is used in bright light, for example the glass which is in front of the product. You will see the details in the next chapter.

Chapter 10: Glass

A clear glass is installed in front of the smart board. It’s very simple but very useful. Its biggest function is to protect the monitor screen. The smart board is always put in the places where there are a lot of people, such as meeting room, classroom and so on. Such places are very dangerous for the board. On one hand, the students like to throw things in the classroom sometimes. On the other hand, you need to use your fingers or pens to touch the screen of the board. So, in order to protect the screen, a clear tempered glass is essential.

The using of clear glass bring you a lot of benefits, but it also has a problem in some situation. That is the smart board with glass looks like a mirror when it’s used in the place with bright light. You can see yourself even it’s working. To solve such problem, the anti-glare glass is used to replace the tempered glass. The effect of anti-glare glass is better than the tempered glass. For many applications, the tempered glass is also acceptable.

Chapter 11: View angle

Usually, there is not the special introductions of the view angle for many display products, such as the digital signage, sunlight readable monitor, touch table and so on. That’s because the view angle is not one of the important factors which affect the use effect. However, for smart board, we recommend to pay attention to the view angle of the screen.

Many smart boards are used in the large classrooms with lots of students. If the room is too large, then it’s necessary to consider whether can the students who site on side view the content on the screen clearly, especially when the students are setting in the sunshine at some time of the day.

The view angle refers to the angle that users can clearly observe all the contents on the smart board screen from different directions. The specification always use 4 numbers to describe the view angle. The 4 numbers refers to the available angle that view from 4 directions: up, down, left and right.

Please remember to select the smart board which the view angle is 89°/89°/89°/89°. The 89° is the maximum view angle. By default, the view angle of most smart boards is 89°/89°/89°/89°.

Chapter 12: Touch screen

The touch screen is an essential component of smart board. Use the touch screen, the users can interact with the board very easily. Although there are several types of touch screens, almost all of the smart boards use the IR touch screens. It’s also available if you need other types of touch screens , such as capacitive touch screen etc.

In the horizontal and vertical direction of the IR touch screen, there are a large number of infrared transmitters and infrared receivers. They form a vertical and horizontal cross infrared matrix. When use something touch a point of the matrix, the infrared rays at this point are blocked, but the infrared rays at other points are not affected. The IR touch screen uses this principle to know which point has been touched.

Compared with other types of touch screen, the IR type has many advantages to be used in smart board. Most of smart boards use the large size touch screens. For large sizes, the IR type is the best choices. First of all, it’s size is custom, such as 86”, 110” and so on.

Second, it’s cost is cheaper than other type of touch screens . For example, the 65” IR touch screen is cheaper than 65” capacitive touch screen. Third, the quality is very stable. The quality of small size of capacitive type is very good, but the quality of large size is not stable. The large size of capacitive touch screen is easy to be influenced by the external environment

In the past, many smart boards used the IR touch screens with signal touch point. Today, all the smart boards use the multi touch screens. The touch screen with multi touch points allows several people to operate the touch screen at the same time. For instance, the multi touch screen allows several students to draw on the smart board in the meantime. It’s very convenient.

There many types of multi touch screens, such as 2 touch, 10 touch, 20 touch, 40 touch etc. By default, GECEY’s smart board uses the touch screen with 10 touch points. It’s also available if you need touch screen with 20 touch points or 40 touch points.

The touch pen is always used with touch screen of smart board. If you don’t have the touch pen, you can use anything to replace it, such as the fingers, pencils, sticks and others. We recommend to use the touch pen, caused it can protect your fingers and the smart board.

Chapter 13: Enclosure

The enclosure is also essential for smart board. Usually, the sides of the enclosure are made by aluminum and the back of the enclosure is made by the iron plate. Although the structures of the enclosures are the same, they can be divided into two types: common type and custom type.

The smart board with common type enclosure is often used for teaching. Usually, the schools don’t have the special requirements. They can accept the common type. The color of such type enclosure is black.

Many companies need the smart board with custom enclosure. The smart boards always are placed in their meeting room and they need to use the boards to introduce their company to their clients. The appearance represents the image of their company. So they need some custom enclosure.

For example, some customers need to print their LOGO on the enclosure of the smart board. Some clients need the white enclosure, caused by the appearance of the enclosure should match the decoration style of conference room. The enclosure has many custom features, such as the color, surface treatment and so on. The color can be black, white, gold, red and so on. The surface treatment can be electroplating, oxidation etc.

Chapter 14: How to mount

The smart board has two common installation methods. The first method is wall mount which is usually used in classroom. The board is embedded in the wall and there are 2 or 4 pieces of blackboards or whiteboards on its left and right. The blackboards or whiteboards can slide left and right. The smart board can be hidden behind of them. You can use either of the smart board and the blackboard or you can use both of them at the same time.

The second method is that the smart board is installed on the shelf with wheels. Such method is widely used both in the meeting room and classroom. With the wheels, you can easily move the board from one place to another place. You can change one common classroom to a multi media classroom very fast. There are several types of the shelves for selection and the followings are some pictures.

Chapter 15: Mirror your phone, iPad or PC

You can mirror the content of your computer, iPad and mobile phone to the smart board very easily. This excellent function is very useful. In school, the teachers always need to make lots of electronic courseware in advance and take them to the classroom. When the company is in a meeting, many colleagues need to share or discuss their e-Reports, such as PPT, words, excel and so on.

In the past, if you wanted to send some files from your computer to other devices, you needed to use the U disk to copy from your computer, then pasted to other devices. You could also sign up you SNS account on your PC and other devices at the same time, then sent the files from one device to others. These methods are available, but not smart enough.

Just install one of some App on your phone, then you can mirror your phone to the smart board. Use the wireless display adapter, you can mirror your iPad and computer to the smart board. The cost of the wireless display adapter is low and you can get it from online platform very easily.

You can also use the smart board to control your computer. If the system of your mobile phone and iPad is android 5.0 or above, you can use your phone and iPad to control your smart board. The function is very useful. For example, when you are in a meeting, you just need to write, annotate and document on the iPad, then the smart board will follow your actions to write, annotate and document automatically. It’s so amazing and convenient.

Chapter 16: Advantages of smart board

The smart board is the product of technology development. It’s more and more popular. Plenty of schools and companies use such product in their classrooms and meeting rooms. The followings are some advantages of such board.

1). Powerful functions. The smart board has all the functions of the projector, white board, computer, monitor and touch screen. It’s very smart. You can use it to do anything that you can do on the computer, for example, installing or uninstalling software and so on.

2). Easy maintenance. In the past, in order to build a multimedia classroom, you needed to install the projector, white board, computer, monitor and so on separately. So many equipments would take you plenty of energy and money to maintain.

For example, the project is turned on by the IR remote, so you need to keep the IR remote carefully. You also need to keep the mouse, keyboard, etc. You need to have a special space to keep these small peripheral components. If you lose the remote, then you can not use the project next time.

The smart board has not such problems. It’s a kind so all in one product with is very easy to maintain.

3). Space saving. It’s very easy to understand that the more the equipments, the more spaces they will take. The traditional platform with computer and monitor is always very big. It takes too much space and the layout of the room is not beautiful.

The smart board is very different. It just takes very little space, caused by it’s very thin. It can works perfectly without any peripheral components. When the smart board is mounted on the wall, it seems to take up almost no space.

4). Efficient. In the past, math teachers needed to bring many kinds of tools when they teach children, such as the ruler, protractor and so on. The Teachers needed to spend a lot of time on writing knowledge points and drawing graphics. That’s a waste of time.

There would be no such problems, if use the smart board with the professional software. There are plenty existing tools in the library of the software. The teacher just need to click the tool kits, then find and use them. The efficiency is much higher than before. This is the power of technology.

5). Amusing. Most of the knowledge points are very boring and not easy to understand. In the past, it would take the teachers much time to explain the knowledge to students. For example, how did Newton discover gravitation by falling apples. How to explain the speed of light. However, the effect is not good.

The smart board changes the rules of the game. The situation has become very different. Plenty of knowledge can be explained via the videos and cartoons. That would be much helpful for understanding. The class will be very interesting.

6). Easy for using. The use of smart board is very simple. You don’t need any extra knowledge. If you have the experience with computers, then you can use the smart board very well. The use process is the same with the computer. Turn on the power and open the software, then you can use it normally.

7). Clean and environmentally friendly. There will be a lot of dust in the air when the teachers use the chalks to write on the board. Especially when cleaning the blackboard, the dust would be very heavy. It’s harmful for the body, if you breathe this kind of air for a long time. The paint pen will also pollute the environment and it’s life time is very short. You need the change the paint frequently.

The smart board has no such problems. It produces almost no pollution. You can use you hands to touch the screen to write or draw. The smart board is very clean and environmentally friendly.

8). Easy to move. Many smart boards are mounted on the brackets which can stand on the ground. The brackets have the wheels, so you can move the smart boards very easily. You can move them from one classroom to another. In that case, you can quickly turn an ordinary classroom into a multimedia classroom.

9). Multi touch function. At the beginning, the touch screen just had signal touch function. But, now, every thing is different. The multi touch is very common. The smart board with multi touch screen allow several students to write or draw on the board at the same time. That’s very convenient.

10). High quality pictures. If you’ve ever used a projector, you’ll know it’s picture quality is bad. The resolution of the projector is low and the brightness of the room can not be too bright. We usually need to close the curtains to prevent sunlight from entering the room so that we can see the pictures clearly.

There are not such problems with the smart board. It’s resolution is very high. The commonly used resolution is 1920 x 1080 and 4K resolution is more and more popular. The screen brightness of smart board is also adjustable. If you need to use it outdoor, then you need to choose the outdoor type monitor with high screen brightness.

There are also many other advantages with the smart board, such as long life time, low power consumption and so on. It’s a very good product.

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