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Chapter 1: What’s the touch table

The touch table is a kind of smart table with multi touch screen, display monitor, computer control board and other parts. There is a monitor and multi touch screen on the top. It looks like a beautiful table when it doesn’t work. A lot of customers use it as the coffee table.

The touch table is a smart platform which is widely used in many places. For example, many super markets use it as the kiosk. The customers can use it to query floor and store information. Lots of entertainment places and cinemas use it as game machine. Plenty of games are installed on it and the customers can play games when they are waiting for the movie. A lot of schools use the touch table as the education platform. It’s function is similar with the smart board.

The touch table is a complex product with many custom characteristics, such as the appearance, size, system and so on. If you are familiar with such product, you can just read the next chapter to choose one. On the contrary, we recommend you to read this article earnestly. This article contains every aspect of touch table.

Chapter 2: Best touch table for sale

If you need the touch table, the best choice is to buy from the manufacturer directly. There are many advantages to do like this. First of all, the price of the manufacturer is much better than the reseller and the quality is very good. Second, the manufacturer can provide more products for selection. Third, the manufacturer can provide long warranty and better after sales service.

GECEY is the professional manufacturer with rich experience and strong production capacity. We can provide plenty of touch tables for you to select. Your every requirement can be meet. GECEY team has strong design team and we have the price and quality advantages. Very welcome to talk about the price and technical details with us.

You can order custom touch table from GECEY, this is very important. The touch table is a complex system with lots of parameters. Many clients have some special requirements. For example, some clients need the special color of the enclosure to meet their decoration style. Some clients need to the special software.

GECEY have the strong capability to design and produce the custom touch table for you. We can design fro free. We usually use the AutoCAD and Solidworks to design the 2D and 3D files.

For regular product, in order to save your precious time, the following table show you some basic configuration. You can choose the best one for your application from them or you can also use the blue button below to tell us your requirements. We will get back to you in 24 hours.

If you want to know more about the touch table, the following chapters shows all of knowledge about such product.

Products we can provide-Ttable|

Touch table GECEY can provide

Enclosure or styleCustom. Please read chapter 9.
Screen size10.1″ to 110″. Please read chapter 7.
Touch screenCapacitive or infrared. Please read chapter 4.
Touch pointsSingle,2, 4,10,20,40 and so on.
LCD or OLEDOptional. Please read chapter 6.
Smart functionsPlease read chapter 11.
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-TTHCL00
  • Screen Size: 32″,43″,55″
  • Resolution: 1920×1080,3840×2160
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-TTHUT00
  • Screen Size: 32″,43″,49″,55″
  • Resolution: 1920×1080,3840×2160
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-TTHWG00
  • Screen Size: 32″,43″,49″,55″
  • Resolution: 1920×1080,3840×2160
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-TTHBD00
  • Screen Size: 32″,43″,49″,55″
  • Resolution: 1920×1080,3840×2160
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)

For more products from 10.1 inch to 100 inch,prices and any other questions, please feel free to click the blue button below to contact us.

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Chapter 3: Structure

The structure of touch table is similar with the smart board. It can be divided into several main parts. They are touch screen, display monitor, drive board, enclosure. The rest of this article will introduce the details of these parts.

It’s also available if you want to add some other parts, such as the printer, card reader. Such touch table is very popular in the video game rooms, cinemas and other places. After the user has paid, the printer can print the customer’s consumption record. It’s a kind of custom product and we will design for you if you need.

Chapter 4: Touch screen

The touch screen is one of the most important parts of the touch table. It’s used to replace the mouse. You can use your fingers to interact with the table very easily. According to the number of effective touch points, the touch table can be divided into the following two types.

Single touch : The single touch means there is only one effective touch point at the same time. If the touch points are more than one point, then the touch screen just can identify the first point and the rest touch points are invalid. For example, if you use your two fingers to touch the single touch table, then the touch screen just can identify the first touch point.

The single touch table is usually used in the super marker, schools. It’s function is similar with the kiosk. For example, in the super market, the users can use it to check floor information, store location, etc.

Multi touch : The multi touch table refers to the table that uses the multi touch screen. The multi touch screen means there are at least two effective touch points at the same time. According to the number of the touch points, the touch screens can be divided into several types, such as 2 touch points, 4 touch points, 10 touch points, 20 touch points and so on.

The 2 touch points means there are 2 effective touch points at most at the same time. The 10 touch points means there are 10 effective touch points at most at the same time. By default, the multi touch table use the touch screen with 10 touch points. It’s also available if you need as many as 50 touch points.

The multi touch table is more popular than the table with single touch screen. It’s widely used in many places. For example, plenty of such tables are used in cinemas and game halls. The clients can use them to play lot of games to kill the time.

Chapter 5: Types of touch table

According to the type of touch screen used, the touch table can be divided into capacitive touch table and infrared touch table.

Capacitive type: It uses the capacitive touch screen. It’s more popular than the table with IR touch. The biggest advantage of such table is it’s whole top surface can be flat. The table made by the capacitive touch screen looks very beautiful and upscale. Most of the smart coffee touch tables are made by such touch screen.

The capacitive touch table also has disadvantages. Its screen size is always no more than 55”. That’s because the there are few capacitive touch screens which the sizes are more than 55”. When the size of such touch screen is over 55”, the quality is not very stable, and the production cost is also very high.

Infrared(IR) touch table: It uses the IR touch screen. The disadvantage of such table is its middle part is sunken. This is decided by the structure of the IR touch. Such disadvantage makes the appearance of IR touch table is not as be beautiful as the table with capacitive touch.

The IR touch screen also has advantages. That is it quality is very good and the size is custom. The cost is also reasonable. For the table with large screen size, the quality of IR touch is much better than the capacitive touch.

So, the conclusion is that if your screen size is less than 55”, then we recommend to use touch table with capacitive touch. If your size is larger than or equal to 55”, then we recommend to use the table with IR touch.

Chapter 6: Panel type: LCD or OLED?

Similar with the touch screen, the display monitor is also very important and essential part for the touch table. The display monitor of touch table has many parameters, such as the panel type, size, resolution and others. It’s very necessary to pay more attention to them.

Panel type: There are two types of display panels which are available to make the touch tabe. They are LCD panel and OLED panel. The two panels have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The LCD panel has been widely used for many years. It’s a kind of old, but very mature technology. The backlight of LCD panel has two types: CCFL and LED. The latest and most popular is the LED backlight. The LED TV and LED monitor are all made by LCD display with LED backlight. For touch table, the LCD panel has the following advantages and disadvantages.


  1. The quality and price is very good.
  2. Plenty of panels with different parameters to choose from.
  3. The life time is very long. Most of panels can be used over 5 years and even 10 years.


  1. It’s an old technology. For the customers who love the latest technology, it’s not the best choice.
  2. The contrast ratio is much lower than OLED panel.

The touch table can also be made by the OLED panel. The followings are the advantages and disadvantages of the OLED panel.


  1. It’s the latest display technology and will be more and more popular in the future.
  2. Very high contrast ratio.


  1. The quality is good, but the price is higher than LCD panel
  2. The touch table has the requirements for the size and screen brightness. So, compared with LCD panel, there are few appropriate OLED panels for selection.
  3.  The life time is shorter than the LCD panel. The screen will decay quickly when it’s used over 3 years.

For the touch table, we recommend to use the LCD panel first. For some sizes, it’s also available to use the OLED panel. Please contact us first and we will check whether are there the appropriate OLED panel for your application.

Chapter 7: Screen size and resolution

The commonly used screen sizes of the touch tables are middle sizes which are from 32” to 55”. However, the sizes of the LCD panels can be from 10.1” to 110”. So it’s also available if you need the touch table which the screen is as small as 10.1” or as big as 110”.

For the touch table, the 1920 x 1080( FHD of 1080P ) is still the most widely used resolution at present. The 4K( 3840 x 2160) resolution is more and more popular. So, you can choose either of them. The resolution is also related to the screen size. For example, the highest resolution of 10.1” can also be 4K.

Chapter 8: Screen brightness

The screen brightness of the touch table is one of the parameters that can not be ignored. If the screen is too dark, then you won’t be able to see what’s on the screen. The screen brightness of the indoor TV is about 200 nits, but for the touch table, the requirement is higher. It needs to be 350 nits to 500 nits. This is because the screen of the touch table needs to face the ceiling light directly. The light can reach the screen vertically.

There are some special use environment, for example outdoor places, the places that the sunlight can reach the table directly. In similar situation, the requirement for the screen brightness should be higher. If the sunlight can reach the table, then it’s better to use the sunlight readable monitor to make the touch table. The brightness should be over 1000 nits.

The higher the screen brightness, the higher the price. For most indoor environment, the brightness of 500 nits is enough.

Chapter 9: Enclosure

The enclosure is also a very important part of the touch table. Most of touch tables are used to entertain clients and friends. The table represents the image of the company when it’s put in the company. So, the enclosure needs to be high grade, beautiful and safe.

The enclosure of touch table has many custom features, for instance the length, width, height and others. If you have the mechanical drawing, then we can make the custom table according to your design. If you don’t have, we also have many universal and beautiful enclosures for selection. In addition to the size, the following custom features are also necessary to get noticed.

Color: The white and black are the most commonly used color for touch table. It’s also available if you need some other colors.

Material: Most of the enclosures are made by the steel plate. The machining process includes cutting, bending, surface baking paint and others. The table with steel plate enclosure is very strong and can be used for a very long time.

The enclosure can also be made by other materials, such as wood, acrylic and others. The wooden touch table is also popular.

Safe: The design of the enclosure has taken safety into consideration. There will be a lock to protect the important part of the table, for instance the computer motherboard and others. Lots of touch tables are put in the places with lots of people, such as the markets, cinemas and so on. So, the safety is very important.

Logo: It’s available if you want to print your LOGO on the enclosure.

Chapter 10: Waterproof function

In the top of the table, there is a glass. anti-glare glass. You can place many things on the glass, such as cap, and so on. For c touch, for IR touch.

You always need to place many things on the table, such as the coffee, tea, fruit juice etc. These liquid can easily cause the components to burn out if they get into the inside of the touch table. So, the waterproof function is very important.

Usually, these is a tempered glass on the top surface of the touch table. It can protect the table to be hurt by the liquid perfectly. The commonly used thickness of the glass is 5mm. The glass also has many other advantages. For example, it’s very easily to be cleaned and very strong. It’s hard to hurt its surface by the knife.

Chapter 11: Smart function & mirror your phone, ipad and PC

The touch table is very smart. You can use it to do anything you can du with a computer. You can install and un install all kinds of software and games. You can connect it to the internet via  Wi-Fi. You can watch the movies and videos online. Different applications use different functions.

If it’s used in the school, you can install the educational software and the teach the students on the table. Several students can use the touch screen to draw at the same time. Such table is similar with the smart board.

If it’s used in the game room, you can install many kinds of games, such as the fishing game etc. Such touch table contains the coin machine and it can make money for you. The clients need to pay first and then play games.

If the table is used in the company, then you can install many office automation software. You can have a meeting and introduce your product to your customers when you are drinking the coffee.

The touch table can also mirror the content of your phone, computer and ipad. This function is so convenient and great. What you need is just to install some simple app or buy a wireless display adapter. Such function is very useful in meeting and teaching.

Chapter 12: Interface

The touch table has many rich interfaces, such as the USB, HDMI, power input and so on. It’s very convenient that you connect many other devices to the table to expand its function. Fox example, you can connect the cameras to the table via USB to take photos. You can also use the U-disk to copy and paste files from the table.

Chapter 13: Conclusion

The touch table is interactive table with touch screen. Such smart tables are widely used in plenty of places. If you want to know more such product, please feel to contact us.

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