led panel , panel light and led light box manufacturer

Over 5 years experiences of led lighting , gecey focuses on finding the best lighting solutions for all clients. All product are custom. we can design for you. If you have some good ideas , just tell us, we can make it happen.

Gecey produces led backlit panel, light box , panel light , led tube , acrylic , led monitor and led TV . Not only these products , but also other products . led strip, led downlights and so on are all available . It’s our greatest honor to work with you. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact with us .

Gecey’s led panel are fully customizable

In 2015,Gecey exported over 20000 pcs led backlit panel to USA. Gecey has much experiences in designing. The led backlit panel are all made by laser machine. The maximum width of the panel is 2 meters and the length is unlimited.

led backlight

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led panel

Gecey makes very fashion panel light

Gecey offers the most amazing led panel light in the world . Because Gecey can print any patterns which decided by clients in the panel light with laser machine . For example , we can print the client’s logo in the panel. It will take the presentations of your brand to new heights if this panel is installed in the super market.

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Gecey provides variable led light box

Gecey has plenty of light box for selection, such as frameless fabric light box , A4 light box, light box sign , light table and so on. The size , the thickness, the voltage and others are all custom. Beautiful light boxes are more eye-catching. They can bring you more clients and more businesses.

light box

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led lights

High quality led tube light are available

Gecey manufacture many high quality led tube lights . These led tubes are green , safe , affordable and lower your energy costs. Gecey can supply an LED tube that will fit your existing luminaire whether your luminaires have electronic or magnetic ballasts. Gecey manufacture not only T5, T8 ,T12 led tubes, but also other lighting products, for example led bar, led strips, led downlights and so on. If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us.

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Where to buy plexiglass

Gecey is your great plexiplass supplier in China. Acrylic is a versatile plastic material, so it can be used in a variety of applications. Perspex has many wonderful characteristic , such as light weight , great impact strength and so on. Gecey offers not only clear plexiglass sheet , but also colored acrylic sheet, frosted acrylic sheet, patterned acrylic sheet. Acrylic can be laser cut , sawed , painted, silkscreened and so on. Acrylic can be made into acrylic cylinder, acrylic plates, acrylic rod, acrylic tips and so on.


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Custom and wide variety of monitors

Gecey provides a wide variety of computer monitors. We have 24 inch monitor, 27 inch monitor and any other sizes of led monitors. Gecey’s led monitors have many benefits. Our monitors can save your money for the power and protect your eyes. Gecey’ monitors are all custom. Just tell us your structure and the interface, we can design for you . It is free.

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All sizes of flat led TV and curved led TV

Gecey produces all sizes of smart TV , such as 32 inch TV, 40 inch TV, 50 inch TV, 55 inch TV, 60 inch TV and so on. The price of Gecey’s TV is affordable and the quality is the best. Our led TV have many kinds of certification, for example UL , TUV, ROHS and so on. If you have any needs , please feel free to tell us.

smart tv

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Gecey’s products are all 5 years warranty. Gecey are responsible for our clients. We promise to provide the best quality products .


Every project is free designed for all our clients . Gecey do the best to give you the best solutions .


Gecey is very expected that you can find us to quote and there is no charge . All our price are affordable.


We are in Shenzhen city , China . Gecey has the advantage of price . We have quantity discounts .


the size , the shape, the voltage , the lighting and so on are all custom. Our clients can decide all the things.


Gecey is available for Monday to Saturday every week. It just cost you about 15 days form we get your order to export the products.


Gecey has much experience in providing lighting solutions. Gecey has cooperated with many huge company like IGT.


The design of Gecey’s products are very fashion. We can design again until our clients are satisfied with it .