Who are we

Our brand name is GECEY and we operate Shenzhen Zheshang Electronic Co., LTD which is our main manufacturing plant in China. GECEY is an international company that is involved in the manufacture of monitor and TV products that are needed for all manner of applications.

Our factory space is huge at over 1000 square meters. This space is for the most part taken up by the general workshop, and the dust-free workshop. Working in our factory is the quality control team and a professional design team. The products we manufacture are the best quality as they have attained many certifications such as the CE, ROHS, UL, and the FCC among others.

We have more than a decade of experience in the manufacture of monitors and TVs which we have exported all across the world. Some of our clients come from the likes of Australia, Canada, the USA, and Europe among many other places.

None of our competitors comes close to what we have to offer in custom designs, top quality, and price among several other advantages we provide to our clients.

Our Relationships with Clients

Andy and James/GECEY.com

This May 2013 photo showcases our interactions with our clients. From left to right are Andy, Cathy, and James when the three were part of the G2E exhibition that was held in Macau. James and Andy are important clients of ours and when we heard they were part of the exhibition, we sent our sales manager Cathy to go assist them to explain to clients the features of our display products including how they work. It was a successful exhibition that both parties were very satisfied with.

Jeff, Kevin and Fred/GECEY.com

This July 2014 photo captured the meeting between our sales manager and one of our biggest clients. Eric our sales manager met with OEM sales manager Jeff, vice president Fred and vice president Kevin that has visited our plant looking to make a deal. Jeff, Fred and Kevin were interested in long-term cooperation that would see their company place big orders with our company going forward. This was a very important meeting that both we and our clients took very seriously. Having had a very successful negotiation, we headed to the restaurant for lunch, after which we had the photo op. It was great to meet, interact and have a good time with one of our biggest clients.


This Dec 2014 photo was taken in the conference room of our Shenzhen Zheshang Electronic factory. Pat who has been a long time client came to visit us as he wanted to know more about some of our products such as the 65-inch monitor TV and the 24-inch monitor. Our 24-inch monitor is an open frame monitor that comes with an Infrared (IR) touch screen. The 65-inch monitor comes with a television that comes complete with monitor function. It is also compatible with HDMI and through the HDMI port, it can be easily connected to the computer.

Our Products

led TV 8

These are flat-screen TVs that may include sizes from as low as 10 inches to as high as 85 inches. These TVs are popular for being HD and smart.

Small TV,      32 inch TV

24 inch TV ,      19 inch TV

15 inch TV,

Gecey-curved led tv 1

The biggest advantage of the curved LED TV is that it makes it possible to watch the images on the screen from nearly every angle. The curved TV has become popular in the market as TV sizes become bigger over time.

mirror tv 2/gecey.com

Also referred to as hidden TV, it is a type of mirror with a TV built into it. The TV comes in a beautiful and fashionable frame that looks just like the frame of a classic oil painting.

bathroom tv 1/gecey.com

Also known as shower TV, it is what you need when you want to take a shower. You can watch all your breaking news, movies and TV shows as you take a shower. What is even better, the Bathroom TV is waterproof and so you never have to worry about damaging it.

monitor 24

The flat screen monitor is one of the most widely used and most popular products. It ranges in size from 10-85 inches and comes with some of the simplest installations.

Gecey-curved monitor 1

The curved monitor just will not do for the engineer who is designing or drawing, though it is the best choice if you are gaming fanatic. With a curved lens, you can see what is happening on the farthest edges of the screen without having to turn it towards you.

monitor 8

The touch screen monitor finds much use in vending machines, shops, supermarkets, and KTVs among others. The touch screen may either be capacitance, resistance or IR.

custom monitor

We also do provide custom monitors that include gaming monitors such as the open frame monitor, transparent monitor and the 144 HZ monitor among others.

Our advantages

sign75/pretty price/gecey.com

Why GECEY’s price can be the best? GECEY’s factory is located in Shenzhen city, China. China is the factory of the world. The price of the materials and labor cost are very low. So the price of our products can be the best.

sign76/best quality/gecey.com

Why GECEY’s quality can be the best? The first, we have a strict quality control system. The quality control team follow the system to check from the material to the finished product step by step. The second, we have plenty of full experienced workers to ensure high-quality products


GECEY has rich experience in cooperation with foreign customers and we have more than 10 years experience in the TV and monitor area. There are many large multinational companies among our customers.

Our Locations

China Location


UK Location



Can GECEY provide customized products and solutions?

Yes, we do provide customized solutions in the manufacture of TVs and monitors and their applications to fit your unique needs.

What are your product lines?

 Presently, we produce custom-made monitors, TVs, and Gaming screens for your marketing, work and gaming needs.

Are the samples free?

Not really. We require that you pay a small production and shipping fee for your first sample order. If you love the product we ship to you and order more, we will subtract it from the order price.