Mirrored TV Cost

The mirrored TV is the TV that looks like a mirror. It’s very beautiful and popular. Maybe you have a strong desire to buy one. Before buying, the mirrored TV cost is usually the most important thing. So what’s the approximate price of such a product? This article will show you the answers and why the price is reasonable.

From this article: mirror TV review, we have known that there are 3 types of mirrored TV. So the approximate prices of the 3 types are as follow.

1. The approximate price of a bathroom mirrored TV

In general, the price of the bathroom type is the lowest of the three. That’s because, first, it’s always frameless. Second, the size of the TV behind the mirror is small, for example, 15 inches, 19 inches, and so on.

It’s hard to show you the price of the bathroom type, caused by there are too many custom parameters. For example, the size and shape of the mirror, the size of the TV, LED lighting, and so on are all custom. For the detailed price, please send your requirements to your supplier, then you can ask them to provide the quotation.

2. The approximate price of indoor mirrored TV of various sizes

The indoor type is the most widely used of the three. Although there are also many custom features, most of them are common. You can review the price in the following list.

Mirror TV size    Approximate price

32-inch          5000 – 6500 USD

43-inch          7500 – 9000 USD

55-inch          8500 – 9500 USD

65-inch          11000 – 12500 USD

75-inch          19000 – 20000 USD

The price is just for reference. Please send the details to the manufacturer to get an accurate quotation, for instance, the style of the frame, resolution, and so on.

3. The approximate price of an outdoor mirrored TV
The price of the outdoor type is the highest of the three, causing the requirement to be the highest, such as high brightness, waterproofing, and so on. It’s the least used of the three, but, paying more attention to this type is very necessary.

If you need to use the mirrored TV indoors, but the room is full of sunshine during the daytime, then it’s better to buy an outdoor type. The indoor type is not bright enough. Same with the bathroom type, it’s hard to show you the price of this type. You need to get an accurate price from the supplier.

43-inch mirror TV

50-inch mirror TV

55-inch mirror TV

65-inch mirror TV