Samsung Mirror TV

The Samsung mirror TV is a mirror television that uses Samsung TV in a mirror. It’s more popular, cause of the brand the television is very famous. Maybe you have a Samsung TV in your home, or maybe you have experience with this kind of television.

We usually think that a famous brand means high quality and services. Yes, you are right, but that’s not all. There are also many other good choices and things that you need to pay attention to.

The Samsung mirror TV mainly consists of two parts: a two-way mirror and a Samsung television. The Samsung TV is behind the two-way mirror. So, what’s your purpose of search for such a product? Maybe you want to buy one or maybe you want to know how to use a Samsung television to DIY one mirror TV. No matter what your answer is, this article will be of great help to you.

1. Samsung LED mirror TV VS LCD mirror TV

LCD or LED? What type of TV should I buy? Maybe you have a similar question. Please don’t hesitate, to select the Samsung LED mirror TV. The latest televisions are all LED type, whether it’s HDR, OLED, QLED, and so on. The LCD television with CCFL backlight is an outdated technology. Please don’t purchase such a product even if your supplier recommends it.

2. What kinds of mirror TV Samsung are there?

Knowing this is very important before paying money to your supplier. In fact, according to different use environments, the mirror TV Samsung can be divided into 3 types. Different use environments have different requirements.

(1). Indoor type: This type is used indoors. It’s the most common and popular of the three and it’s the best for a room without bright sunshine, such as a bedroom, living room, and others. The remarkable features of this type are:

  • It has a beautiful frame.
  • The brightness from the surface of the mirror is about 200 – 250 nits.
  • The shape is custom, but most of them are rectangular.

(2). Bathroom type: This type is usually installed in the bathroom. The remarkable features of this type are:

  • It’s always frameless.
  • The size of the two-way mirror is always much bigger than the TV screen.
  •  Some customers need them to be waterproof.
  • Some of them have touch screens.
  • Some of them have LED lights around the TV screen.

(3). Outdoor type: It’s usually installed outdoors or the rooms that are full of sunshine during the daytime. Its remarkable features are:

  • It has a beautiful frame.
  • The brightness from the surface of the mirror is above 400 nits.
  • The shape is always rectangular.

3. Custom features of mirror TV Samsung

In fact, the mirror TV Samsung is a complex system that contains many custom features. It would be much better if you can understand all of them deeply. It’s difficult, but it doesn’t matter if you just know a few.

You can throw most of the questions to your supplier and on the other hand, most of the clients just need the common mirror TV Samsung. Just tell your supplier the style of the frame, the size of the mirror TV, and the use environment, then you can get a beautiful product.

If you have some custom requirements or your project is special, then you can check this article to know the custom features and parameters, then talk about them with the manufacturer.

4. Where can I buy a Samsung LED mirror TV

From the above content, you have known every detail of the Samsung LED mirror TV that you need. The next step is to take action to buy. Where can I buy one with high quality and a pretty price? The answer is GECEY. GECEY is the factory and has provided plenty of such products to clients from all over the world. You can click this page to review what kinds of mirror TVs GECEY can provide.

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