GECEY provides the best kitchen TV

Every modern kitchen requires a kitchen TV as the final touch that keeps you up to date with the world . Now TVs are every where ,some are even cheaper than you think . Why not enjoy your favorite program while preparing your tantalizing meal?GECEY offers a wide variety to choose from ,but why do you need a kitchen TV?

Here are few reasons why you should consider installing a kitchen TV in your kitchen

  1. Appearance

Your kitchen requires and standing look that keeps it glittering and amazing . What could complete this final touch than a modern flat screen TV . The modern flat screen kitchen TV can be mounted anywhere in the kitchen. Of coarse you would want to place it somewhere you will not strain while working in your kitchen .

  1. Keeps you up to date

While preparing your breakfast Imagine how many times you will have to run to the living room to catch a glimpse of the morning news . Important Information will pass you because you are making breakfast . All this can change with one simple kitchen TV,  a TV that fits perfectly and keep you up to date . One advantage of having a kitchen TV is the luxury of watching your favorite program while preparing your meal.

  1. Keeps you company

Rarely would your friends or visitors follow you to the kitchen to keep you company while preparing meals . And if they do , you music end up messing the ingredients or the food itself . A kitchen TV won’t make you do that unless you are incredibly hooked to the screen.In most cases people learn more when preparing their meals in the kitchen , catch on their favorite series or even watch some music videos while cooking . You don’t have to be bored and alone in the kitchen any more .

  1. Draws you to the kitchen.

According to some people cooking has been a hobby motivated by their television. But how does a TV in the kitchen draw you to the kitchen? In the living room people may be arguing on which channel suits the best, but you on the other hand have a wide range to choose from . Plus you don’t have to share with any one its all for your . People tend to leave the commotions in the living and get some alone time in the kitchen .

  1. Price

The price of a kitchen TV is relatively cheaper than the big screen .No one wants a big screen in the kitchen . Depending on the design of your kitchen , you should consider a small size screen or a medium size one . They usually from the 10 inch to 32 inch .

Don’t miss out on the greatest offers ,make your kitchen lively and fun by acquiring our most ravishing kitchen TVs to keep you entertained at all times Looking for the best screens? GECEY has got you covered .

Kitchen TV is just one kind of our televisions. We have many other popular and powerful TV products, such as mirror TV line of products, touch televisions, bathroom mirror TV and so on. If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.

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  1. Safety
  2. Fashionable and Elegant Design
  3. Low radiation, good for health
  4. Cannot be easily damaged
  5. No infrared, doesn’t attract flies
  6. Install easily
  7. Save power and money
  8. Green, environment friendly


  • Brand: GECEY
  • Size: 10 – 32 inch
  • Panel Type: TFT
  • Backlight:LED
  • Response Time:5ms
  • Contrast Ratio:1000:1
  • Brightness: at least 250cd/㎡
  • Viewing Angle: 89/ 89/ 89/ 89
  • Highest Resolution:1920 x 1080
  • Widescreen: Yes
  • Power Supply: AC100~240V 50 / 60 HZ or 12VDC
  • Certificate: CE, RoHs, FCC


  1. Kitchen

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Andy and James/

This May 2013 photo showcases our interactions with our clients. From left to right are Andy, Cathy, and James when the three were part of the G2E exhibition that was held in Macau. James and Andy are important clients of ours and when we heard they were part of the exhibition, we sent our sales manager Cathy to go assist them to explain to clients the features of our display products including how they work. It was a successful exhibition that both parties were very satisfied with.

Jeff, Kevin and Fred/

This July 2014 photo captured the meeting between our sales manager and one of our biggest clients. Eric our sales manager met with OEM sales manager Jeff, vice president Fred and vice president Kevin that has visited our plant looking to make a deal. Jeff, Fred and Kevin were interested in long-term cooperation that would see their company place big orders with our company going forward. This was a very important meeting that both we and our clients took very seriously. Having had a very successful negotiation, we headed to the restaurant for lunch, after which we had the photo op. It was great to meet, interact and have a good time with one of our biggest clients.


This Dec 2014 photo was taken in the conference room of our Shenzhen Zheshang Electronic factory. Pat who has been a long time client came to visit us as he wanted to know more about some of our products such as the 65-inch monitor TV and the 24-inch monitor. Our 24-inch monitor is an open frame monitor that comes with an Infrared (IR) touch screen. The 65-inch monitor comes with a television that comes complete with monitor function. It is also compatible with HDMI and through the HDMI port, it can be easily connected to the computer.

Why choose us

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GECEY is located in Shenzhen China, the factory of the world. Compared with our competitor, we have the advantage of low cost. We can provide the products with best price.

sign76/best quality/

GECEY can control the quality very well, because we manufacture directly. We are the factory, not the middleman. GECEY has the complete quality control team.

sign77/stylish design/

Professional design team can customize the most fashionable products for you. GECEY has our own electronic engineer, mechanical engineer and so on.


 In the display field, GECEY has more than 10 years experience. The products are exported to all parts of the world. Many clients are satisfied with our service.


“GECEY have a fantastic variety of TVs to choose from. Their customer service is very professional. I have so far bought 5 TVs and I will be getting more, I just love the bargain. I will give them 5 stars. ”

Luke Jones, Financial Analyst, London, UK.

 “The quality of the picture display is awesome. At first I was a bit skeptical when my roommate suggested we try GECEY TVs, but the price was so good I could not say no. Now I am sold and can’t wait to get my hands on the touch screen monitor as well as soon. The quality of entertainment has increased very much. I believe this was a fantastic investment and I still left with some money to spare”

Liu Feng, University Student, Beijing, China.