What is the transparent LED

Transparent LED screen is very different with the clear LCD display and transparent OLED displays. It’s made by plenty of RGB LEDs. If you want to use a word or phrase to describe the transparent LED , we think the “RGB LED array” is the best. The most commonly used RGB LEDs are the 3535 RGB LEDs. The size of the 3535 RGB LED is very small, the length and width are both 3.5mm. So, it is very convenient for reducing the whole size of transparent LED and increasing the pixel.

3535 RGB LED|gecey.com
3535 RGB LED 1|gecey.com

The sizes of transparent PC monitor are always under 86 inch and there are just several kinds of sizes. But, the sizes of transparent LED are always very big, such as 2m x 3m, 3m x 5m and so on, and the sizes and shapes are custom. The custom sizes and shapes are the biggest advantages of the transparent LED.

LED transparent screen 2|gecey.com
LED transparent screen 1|gecey.com
LED transparent screen 3|gecey.com

Different features determine that the applications are also different. The transparent LED is widely used in the shops, super markets, airports and so on. They are also widely used in the outside of big buildings. They can be waterproof and They can be made into transparent wall to play advertisements, videos, pictures and so on. Because the pixel is much lower than the LCD and OLED  screen, so the distance of watching is longer. The best distance is over 3 meters. The brightness of the led transparent LED is very high. When you watch the led transparent screens in the evening, you will find that they are so amazing.