The complete guide of DIY mirror TV

If you have time and tools, it would be very interesting to DIY mirror TV by yourself. After you finish, you will gain a beautiful mirror TV and a great sense of accomplishment. You can introduce your mirror TV to your family and friends and you can shear your experience in your Facebook, Twitter and so on.

However, what you should keep in mind before making is that this project would take plenty of money, time, effort and so on. Although this guide is very detailed, every one will meet different situations. There are also certain risks in the production, for example using electric saw to cut the frame and so on.

So, it’s important to keep your children away from your work place when making. It would be much helpful if you can get some experts to guide you on the spot. If you don’t have any problems now, then we can go the next step.

1. Necessary tools

The first, let us to see what kinds of tools are needed in the process. The following is the list:

  • Fine tooth saw which is used to cut the 45 degree in the end of the frame
  • The table saw which is used to cut the ” L” channel in the frame,
  • Tape measure which is used to measure the size of the television, frame, mirror and so on
  • Some other tools: electric drill, electric screwdriver, long ruler and others.
  • IR Repeater:

2. Necessary preparation of DIY mirror TV

1). Measure the viewing distance.

2). Measure the space that you want to place the TV, the width, height , depth and so on. According to the viewing distance and the space to calculate the best size of mirror TV that you need.

3). After you buy the television, you need to measure the length, height of the screen, the depth of the television and the width of the border.

4). According to the size of the television and the mechanical drawing of the frame, calculate the length and the width of the frame that you need to cut. Then calculate the depth of the channel foe the mirror and the television that you need to cut.

5). According to the size of the TV, calculate the size of the mirror.

3. Necessary materials of DIY mirror TV

(1).Buy the right mirror

Contact the supplier of the TV mirror and send the detail information to them, such as the length, width, shape and so on. For the thickness, we recommend the 4mm. The 4mm mirror is strong enough, but not too thick and too heavy. Ask the supplier to deal with the side of the mirror to be not sharp.

Pay attention to the reflectivity and transmittance and buy the right two way mirror or dielectric mirror. If you don’t know what are the reflectivity and transmittance, please see the second part of the mirror TV page. We recommend to use the mirror with 30% transmittance and 70% reflectivity.

(2). Buy the materials of frame

The materials of frame are always straight and very long, just look like a stick. Please get the mechanical drawing of the materials, such as the width, height and so on, because the information is essential when making the frame.

There are two points that you should keep in mind when purchasing. The first is that pay attention to the color, select a color that can match the main color of your living room. The second, it’s better to buy a little more materials than the mirror TV really need.

Because there are always many mistakes in the process of making, it would waste some materials. If the materials are not enough, then you need to buy again. In that case, it would take more time and money.

(3).Buy the right TV

In the preparation part, you have knew what size of the television that you need. However, the television contains many important parameters, for example the resolution, interface and so on You can follow the list below to buy the best television for your mirror TV. 

Screen type: LCD, OLED, QLED.

Brightness: ultra bright, above 500nits

Resolution: 1080P, 4K, recommend 4K

Interface: HDMI, USB. At least 2 HDMI. The USB port is essential, because it will be used for IR receiver

Thickness: the ultra thin television is better.

(4).Buy a bracket

(5). Buy a IR receiver with USB interface

4. DIY mirror TV steps by steps

When you have completed all the steps above, it means you have all tools and materials in your hands. Now, please follow the steps below to DIY a wonderful mirror TV.

(1).Make the frame(measure the size of mirror and TV)

1). Cut 45 degree

2). Cut the channel

3). Glue the 4 sides together

4). Use the L bar to screw the frame together

(2).Place the mirror

1).3M double faced adhesive tape

(3).Place the television

(4).Place the z bars, screws


(6).test and adjust

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