How to Choose the Best 19 Inch Tv

Everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing the best TV. Like different needs, space is another major factor that impacts. Everyone does not need a huge TV, for small spaces a 19-Inch Tv is the best choice.19-inch TVs are an ideal choice as they are budget-friendly, up-to-date with the latest technology and features, and provide a good viewing experience as well.

In addition to this, 19-inch TVs are quite portable. These can easily fit into small spaces and are ideal for the kitchen, dorm room, study room, and even bedroom. As they are compact and lightweight, they can be easily moved around from one place to another and are great for students as these can easily be, converted and used as monitors.

If you are planning to buy a 19-inch TV and looking around for the best one, read our guide on how to choose the best 19-inch TV and enjoy a great viewing experience on your new TV.

Read on about the key features to look for when choosing the best 19-inch Tv

(1). Resolution

When it comes to screen size and resolution, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Smaller screen size also comes packed with a high-quality resolution providing the best viewing experience. An ideal resolution on 19-inch TV is 720p and many brands today are offering HD Ready TVs with 19-inch screen sizes.

(2). Smart TV

A smart TV allows connectivity to the internet and various app and features, including online streaming. This is an exciting feature, and you may want it on your TV too. Gladly, a lot of manufacturers are providing this feature on 19-inch TVs, it does increase the price of the TV, but you get the latest features as well.

(3). Ports

An important feature to look for in a TV is the number of ports. As 19-inch TVs are small in size and portable, therefore, it is vital to see how many input options are available on them. If you want to convert your TV into a monitor for that, you need a VGA or an HDMI port. Other input options to look for are USB ports, headphone jacks, or standard connectors. Based on your preference, choose the TV that meets your requirements.

(4). Mounting Options

As 19-inch TVs are small in size and are often bought for small spaces like a kitchen or small rooms, the preference usually is to hang them for space-saving, an ideal viewing experience. So, check for wall mounting options on the TV if you want to free-up more some more space.

(5). Brands and Manufacturers

When choosing the best 19-inch TV, the approach should be to go with known brands and manufacturers. As leading manufacturers are making small-size 19-inch TVs as well. However, there are new names in the market as well that are providing high-quality 19-inch TVs with great features and viewing experience. It’s worth checking them out as well.

(6). Price and Budget

19-inch TVs usually are budget-friendly however, with leading brands adding high-end technology and features to this TV size, the price does increase radically. So, consider your budget and features requirements first when making the choice of buying a 19-inch TV and pay the price only for what you need.


19-inch TVs are an ideal choice for small spaces and even for using a TV as a monitor. They are great for entertainment and a good viewing experience, are light in weight, portable, and budget-friendly.  When deciding on buying a 19-inch TV, consider this buying guide as a reference for choosing the best 19-inch TV.