The Tips to DIY a LED TV

Television is one of the most fantastic inventions of all time. In earlier days, people used it as an entertainer. At present, it can be used for various other reasons. The old televisions were nothing but big boxes, but now they are available in thin, flat, and slim designs. The manufacturers utilized the latest technological innovation in modern TVs. They named these televisions according to their technology like LCD or LED TV.

LED TV is a popular one because of its amazing features and quality. People can do internet surfing, watch movies, and do other things on this Smart TV. The price of each LED TV varies from the other. The big size and more features it will have, the more will be the price. If you are a DIY lover and want to know about “How to DIY a LED TV?” then this article is for you. We are going to guide you with the best method to make your own DIY LED TV.

(1). Get A Broken Monitor

Firstly, you should get a broken monitor. Some people have broken or useless monitors at home. If you also do then use it otherwise buy one for this task. The price of a broken monitor ranges from 2$ to 10$. However, you have to ensure that the screen works correctly. If the screen works, then take a universal controller and use it as a donor for the LED TV. You have to check the GND pins in the screen’s connector. These pins will tell you the input channel bit. Use a step-up converter as a LED driver and provide voltage.

(2). Set-Up All Parts

To set up all the parts in this “How to DIY a LED TV?” task, you need first to collect them all. Take a screw controller board and place it on the back cover of the television. Below this controller, you have to put foam spacers which will work for the bit tide. You can double up the spacers by using good-quality tape. Get the LVDS cables and correctly place them.

(3). Make Use Of A Keyboard

The controller supports an A/D keyboard type, so you have to make use of a genuine keyboard. The LED TV utilizes the Analog to Digital converter, which is present in the keyboard as well. So, you have to prepare one wire for the Red status LED and two wires for the keyboard. Also, you have to add up the resistor but make sure they are in series with every switch. In this manner, they will be able to perform specific functions. When the device turns off, then the Status LED light will turn red. However, when the device is on, then this Status LED will be off.

(4). Assemble Speakers

Speakers are the imperative parts of an LED TV. You need to get a nice pair of speakers from an old laptop or purchase new ones. It is time to use adhesive tape and do the proper wiring of these speakers.

(5). Cover Up The Electronic Board

When all things are in position, then you have to cover up the electronic board completely. Use double adhesive tape along with a black document to cover up the board.


Finding the best LED TV is easy, but making one is a tough task. After reading the above guide, you can quickly come to know “How to DIY a LED TV?”. The fantastic thing about this LED TV task is that you can make the LED TV according to your preferences and budget. You can add up more features to this LED TV like adding a Wi-Fi device, remote control system, and others to make it more useful.