Professional supplier of TVs and monitors

GECEY is a professional maunfacturer of plenty kinds of TVs and monitors. Our biggest advantages are the high quality and pretty price. Our factory is located in Shenzhen China, so our cost is lower than our competitors. You can get better price from us.

On the other hand, we are not the reseller. We have the factory and we produce all the products by ourselves. So we an control the quality, delivery date and many other factors. You can get the products with very good quality from us.

GECEY provide many kinds of display products. The monitors contain transparent OLED display, open frame monitor, ourdoor monitor, touch screen monitor and so on. The televisions that we can provide contain touch screen TV, bathroom mirror TV, mirror TV and others. We can also provide many smart products, such as smart board, touch table and so on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the blue button on this page to contact us. We will do our best to work for you.

Gecey’s monitor

flat monitor
curved monitor

Curved monitor

Curved monitors are the most fashionable. They are the best monitors for yours eyes to catch the patterns in the computer screen. Gecey has different sizes of curved monitor, such as 24 inch monitor, 27 inch monitor and so on.

touch screen monitor

Touch screen monitor

Touch screen monitors are the most convenient for the operators. They are wide used in the shops, super markets, ATM machine and so on. If you have any needs for the monitors, just contact us. It is free!

custom monitor

Custom monitor

Gecey can provide custom monitors. We can design for you to meet your different applications. In special situations, for example the gaming monitor , may be you need structure of monitor. We can make it happen.

Gecey’s LED TV

flat led TV

Flat led TV

Gecey offers all sizes of flat led TV , such as 32 inch TV, 32 smart TV , 55 inch TV and any others. Gecey’s led TVs are the best in the world , because our TVs are widely used, fashionable, affordable and high-quality.

curved led TV

Curved led TV

Gecey manufactures the most fashionable curved led TVs. Curved led TVs are much more comfortable for your eyes to catch the pictures. Gecey has plenty of curved led TVs on sale. The best led TVs with best price are waiting for you.

Gecey’s led backlight panel

edge-lit panel

Edge-lit panel

Gecey’s edge-lit panel are all made by laser machine . The light is very uniform and comfortable. The acrylic sheet is import form Japanese . All materials are green and friendly to the environment .

rectangular led backlit panel

Rectangular led backlit panel

Gecey’s rectangular led backlit panel . Gecey puts the whole energy in making the best backlit led panel. There are no any hot pots on our panels. They are the best backlight solutions in your products.

polygonal edge-lit panel 

Polygonal edge-lit panel 

All Gecey’s backlit panel are cut by machines. So the shape , the size , the thickness ,the voltage and so on are all custom. We can design them according to your products.

curved backlit panel

Curved backlit panel

Gecey has the most competitive technology to make any backlight panel. The backlight panel can be not only plane but also three-dimensional. Every design is fashionable.



We have many standard sizes available and can create custom sizes .


Our products is available in custom color temperatures between 2700k~9000k.


We are able to reproduce a broad array of colors using the RGB spectrum! Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.


Gecey guarantee the quality of the products we provided are the best , every products is 5 years warranty.


Our price is affordable and reasonable


If you ever need help, we will be there for you. Gecey provides best services for Every customer

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