Mirrored TV Reviews

When you want to purchase a mirrored TV for your home, the first question in your mind would be where can I buy a mirror TV? Different from other products, there are not so many suppliers for this product. This is not because the product is not good, but because many people do not know that there is such a product.

If you tell your friends that the television can be hidden behind the mirror, they would think it’s unbelievable. It’s just like magic. If your friends see that you have such a product, they would feel the product is amazing. They would have the impulse to buy one right away.

So, where can I buy a mirror TV? What are the answers? The most important question is how can I buy a mirrored TV I like and the quality is good enough? Please read the following content, then you will get the answers.

1. Solution of where can I buy a mirror TV

(1). Buy from local dealers and department stores. This method is the most convenient. You can compare the product with others. You can have a look at it and touch it. You can take it to your home right away after you pay the money. However, you can not find such products in your local dealers or department stores. So this solution is not good.

(2). Buy from online platforms, such as Amazon, Bestbuy and so on. It’s also convenient, but you can not see the real product. You can just review the pictures and introduction. The disadvantage of this method is that the online product is not custom and the sellers are always resellers. Another big problem is that there are few mirrored TVs that are sold on this platform.

(3). Buy from the manufacturer. This method is the best. You can get a custom product with high quality and a pretty price. The delivery is also fast. You can receive the product in one week after it’s shipped out. If you have any questions, you can contact the manufacturer at any time. The only question is you need to find a professional manufacturer. The good news is GECEY is your best choice.

The following content will show you what kind of mirrored TVs what GECEY can provide. What you need to pay attention to is that there are 3 types of mirrored TVs. Please make sure you buy the right one.

2. Mirrored TV Reviews of bathroom type

This kind of product is usually installed in the bathroom. It’s always framed and wall-mounted.

The capability of GECEY can provide is as follow:

  • Size of mirror glass: custom, such as from 200 mm to 2000 mm
  • The shape of mirror glass: custom. The glass is cut by machine, so any shapes are available.
  • Size of the TV behind the mirror: custom, from 13 inches to 75 inches.
  • Display content: custom, such as the data, weather, temperature, and so on.
  • LED light: customs, such as two sides, four sides or there are no LED lights.
  • Touch screen: custom.
  • Waterproof: custom. It can be waterproof if it’s necessary.

If you need the bathroom mirrored TV, please feel free to contact us.

3. Mirrored TV Reviews of indoor type

The indoor mirrored TV is the most widely used. The brightness of the mirror is about 250 nits. GECEY has full sizes of such products and the frame is custom. You can select a beautiful frame for your mirror television.

15 inch

19 inch

24 inch

27 inch

32 inch

40 inch

43 inch

50 inch

55 inch

65 inch

75 inch

For questions, more details, price, and so on about this product, please feel free to use the following form to tell us. We will answer you ASAP.

4. Mirrored TV Reviews of outdoor type

The outdoor mirrored TV is similar to the indoor type. The difference in brightness of the outdoor type is much higher. If you want to use the mirror TV outdoors or in a room with bright sunshine in the daytime, then you need to select the outdoor type. The indoor type is too dark in this situation. Please tell us that you need to use it outdoors, then you will get the right product.

5. Custom features and parameters

The mirror TV has plenty of custom features and parameters, such as size, interface, and others. It’s very helpful to understand them for getting a wonderful product for your room.

6. The warranty on mirrored TV

The cost of mirrored TV is high, you don’t want to spend much money, but at last, get a product with low quality. How so solve this problem? The answer is to see the warranty of the product. In general, the warranty on television is one year. If there is no problem in one year, the possibility of problems in future use is minimal.

7. How to mount

When you get the mirrored TV, the next step is to install it. Almost all of the mirror TVs are wall mounted. The installation mode of bathroom type and common type( indoor type and outdoor type).

The bathroom type is usually embedded in the wall and the common type is to use the bracket. For the common type, you can follow the steps in this article: Guide of mirror TV mount on the wall.