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Industrial monitor GECEY can provide

Screen size & resolution4.3 inch to inch to 42 inch. Please read chapter 3.
Touch screenOptional. Please read chapter 4.
EnclosureCustom. Please read chapter 5.
Screen brightnessCustom. Please read chapter 7.
Build in computerOptional.

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  • We always do our best to work for every customer.

Some GECEY’s industrial monitors

Products we can provide-Mindus|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-MIND065A0
  • Screen Size: 6.5 inch
  • Resolution: 640×480
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 80/80/70/70(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 132.48*99.36mm
Products we can provide-Mindus|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-MIND104A0
  • Screen Size: 10.4 inch
  • Resolution: 1024×768
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 210.4*157.81mm
Products we can provide-Mindus|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-MIND150A0
  • Screen Size: 15 inch
  • Resolution: 1024×768
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 304.128*228.096mm
Products we can provide-Mindus|
  • Brand: GECEY
  • Model: GC-MIND238A0
  • Screen Size: 23.8 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 527.04*296.46mm

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Best guide of industrial monitor

In this new guide you’ll learn:

  • What’s the industrial monitor
  • Best product for sale
  • Touch screen
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

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Chapter 1: What is the industrial monitor?

The industrial monitor is a kind of computer monitor which is used in industrial field. Plenty of applications need to use such monitors with touch screens. In our daily, there are lots of products or equipments that need to work in complex environments. The common monitors will break down soon in those situations. The industrial monitors are specially designed for such situations. For why can not use the common computer display monitor to replace such monitor, please read the next chapter.

The industrial monitor is made by the LCD panel with LED backlight. The technology of LCD panel is very mature. There are many types of industrial LCD panels for selection. So, you don’t need to worry about that there is not the appropriate monitors for your applications. Although the OLED monitor is a new technology, it’s not available to be used to make such monitor at present.

The industrial monitors contain a lot of types. Different applications use different types. For example, if you want to use the monitor outdoor, then you need to choose the outdoor type. If you have the enclosure, then you need to select the open frame type. If the sunlight can reach the industrial monitor, you need to use the sunlight readable type with high screen brightness. If there are lots of water in the use environment, then what you need is the waterproof type.

The industrial monitor has many custom parameters, but please no worries, you will know all of them from this article. Please pay attention to the parameters, it’s much helpful for you before buying some such display monitors.

Chapter 2: Best industrial monitor for sale

No matter what you buy, price is always the most sensitive factor. It’s the same with the industrial monitor. If this is your first time to buy such product, may be you are surprised at its high price. However, although it’s much more expensive than ordinary monitor, the price is reasonable.

Are there any methods to get the industrial monitor with the best quality and price? Yes, the best solution is to find the right manufacturer. Additionally, most customers need the custom monitors.  For example, you need the industrial monitors with custom bezels or enclosures. For the custom products, the best choice is also work with the manufacturer.

GECEY is the professional manufacturer. We have lots of advantages, such as the quality, price, long warranty and many others. GECEY has rich experience in this field and our industrial monitor has been exported to lots of countries in the world.

GECEY has plenty of industrial monitors for selection. We can design and produce the custom products for your application. If you can design by yourself, please send the mechanical drawings to us. We can make the products as your requirements.

If you can not design by yourself, then we can design for you. The commonly used design software has AutoCAD, Solidworks and others. The followings are the industrial monitors that we can provide.

Chapter 3: Size & resolution

Whether you are designing the structure of your product or preparing to purchase the industrial monitor, the size is always an important characteristic you need to consider. The screen sizes of most of such monitors are small and the commonly used are from 4.3” to 32”, such as 15 inch, 19 inch and others.

We recommend to use the industrial LCD monitor which the size is in the range of 4.3” to 32”, because there are many very famous suppliers of the LCD panels for selection, such as LG, AUO, and Samsung and so on. The LCD panels from the famous suppliers are more worthy to be trusted. For example, many clients use the 24 inch industrial monitor in their application.

It’s also available if you need such monitor which the size is out of this range, such as 34”, 47”.

The resolution is another important characteristic. Different with the commercial monitor, the commonly used resolution of industrial monitor is FHD (1920 x 1080).

The resolution is related to the screen size. Different sizes of monitors have different commonly used resolutions. For example, the commonly used resolution of monitors which are from 27” to 32” is 4K (3840 x 2160). The following table is the list of the size and resolution of industrial monitors. You can choose the best one for your application.

SizeDisplay areaResolution
4.3″95.04×53.856 mm480×272
5″108×64.8 mm800×480
5.5″68.04×120.96 mm1080×1920
5.7″115.2×86.4 mm640×480
6.5″132.48×99.36 mm640×480
7″152.4×91.44 mm800×480
8″172.224×107.64 mm1920×1200
8.4″170.4×127.8 mm800×600
10.1″216.96×135.6 mm1280×800
10.4″210.4×157.8 mm1024×768
11.6″256.32×144.18 mm1920×1080
12.1″261.12×163.2 mm1280×800
13.3″293.472×165.078 mm1920×1080
14″309.14×173.89 mm1920×1080
SizeDisplay areaResolution
15″304.128×228.096 mm1024×768
15.6″344.16×193.59 mm1920×1080
17″337.92×270.336 mm1280×1024
17.3″381.888×214.812 mm1920×1080
18.5″408.96×230.04 mm1920×1080
19″376.32×301.056 mm1280×1024
21.5″476.64×268.11 mm1920×1080
22″473.76×296.1 mm1680×1050
23″509.184×286.416 mm1920×1080
23.8″527.04×296.46 mm1920×1080
24″531.36×298.89 mm1920×1080
27″596.16×335.34 mm3840×2160
32″708.48×398.52 mm3840×2160
34″799.8×334.8 mm3440×1440

An industrial monitor of the same size will have several different resolution to choose from. If there is no suitable sizes or resolutions for your application. Please use the blue button below to contact us.

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Chapter 4: Touch screen

Plenty of industrial monitors are always used with the touch screens. For industrial monitor, the most commonly used touch screens are resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen. The infrared touch screen is a kind of very excellent touch screen, but it’s not very suitable for such monitor.

The IR touch screen has the frame. It will affect the appearance of the industrial monitor. The resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen are transparent, frameless and very thin. The quality is very stable. That’s why they are popular.

Chapter 5: Enclosure

The enclosure is an essential part of industrial monitor. It’s mainly made by the stainless steel and other materials. There are several commonly used styles of the enclosures and the following is the list.

Open framed: The enclosure is just some simple bracket with some holes for screws. The LCD panel, control board and other parts are locked on the bracket. The open frame industrial monitor is usually used as the parts of machines. The clients buy such monitor and install it on their machine.

Panel mounted: The panel mounted enclosure of industrial monitor is similar with the open framed enclosure. It will be installed on the customers’ machine. The LCD panel and other parts are also locked on the bracket. The biggest difference between them is the front surface of the panel mounted enclosure look like a finished monitor.

You can not see the holes for screws from the front surface of panel mounted enclosure. The appearance of the front surface is very beautiful. The monitor with such enclosure is also called panel mount monitor.

Framed: The enclosure with industrial monitor is the finished product. You can connect it to your computer directly via the HDMI, VGA or DVI interface. The color of such enclosure is custom and the most commonly used is white or black. It’s also available to print your LOGO on the enclosure.

Chapter 6: Function of industrial monitor

The default function of industrial monitor is just a computer display, but its function can be not just this. The function is decided by the control board it uses. In addition to the computer display, it has two other common functions.

The first one is the industrial monitor with computer. The computer mother board is installed on the back of the monitor. It has RAM, ROM and rich interfaces. You can install the operating system on it, such as the Windows, Linux and so on. You can think such product as an all in one computer. It’s widely used in lots of industrial applications.

The second one is the multimedia playing platform. There is a smart control board behind of the monitor. The control board is smart and also has the RAM and ROM. It’s often used to broadcast advertisements. Such product is called digital signage and you can often see it in the elevator. It needs to work 24 hours/ 7 days, so the industrial stretched bar monitor is often too used to make such product.

Chapter 7: Screen brightness

The screen brightness is an important parameter you should also pay attention to. If it’s too dark, then you can’t see the content of your monitor screen clearly. For how much screen brightness you should use, it’s decided by the use environment of your industrial monitor. Please remember that, the higher the screen brightness, the higher the price.

If the industrial monitor is used indoor, then the screen brightness just needs to be about 200 nits. If it’s used in the daylight, then the brightness should be 500 nits to 700 nits. If it’s used under sunlight, then the screen brightness should be over 1000 nits.

Chapter 8: Why the common monitor can not replace the industrial monitor

Why must you use the industrial monitor? Why can’t you use the common monitor to replace the industrial monitor? The common monitor looks very beautiful, and the price is much better. May be you have some similar questions in your mind.

In many applications, the monitor needs to work 24 hours a day. There are plenty of monitors which need to work in the environment with high temperature, high humidity, strong electromagnetic radiation. The common monitor can not work in such situation for a long time. The bad use environment needs the monitor with high stability and reliability.

Compared with the common monitor, the industrial monitor has many advantages. First of all, the various performance of the components of such monitor is better, for example the withstand voltage, temperature, humidity and so on. Second, in the design, the mean time between failures and other capability of the industrial monitor is much better than the common monitor. The industrial monitor needs to use the fully shielded metal shell to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and interference performance.

From the content above, you can see that the industrial monitor is essential. If you want to buy some such products, please read the next chapter.

Chapter 9: Conclusion

The industrial monitor is widely use in plenty of applications and it’s also used to make other products, such as rack mount monitor and so on. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the blue button below to contact us.

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