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Sunlight Readable Monitor GECEY Can Provide

  • Screen size: 4.3-inch to 110-inch
  • Panel type: LCD
  • Resolution: 1920×1080, 4K, etc
  • Touch screen: optional
  • Frame or enclosure: Custom, we can design
  • Screen brightness: 1000 nits to 3000 nits
  • Optical bonding: optional
  • Build in PC: optional
  • Model: GC-MSR065A0
  • Screen Size: 6.5 inch
  • Resolution: 640×480
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 80/80/70/70(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 132.48*99.36mm

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  • Model: GC-MSR101A0
  • Screen Size: 10.1 inch
  • Resolution: 1280×800
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 216.96*135.6mm

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  • Model: GC-MSR238A0
  • Screen Size: 23.8 inch
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 527.04*296.46mm

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  • Model: GC-MSR650A0
  • Screen Size: 65 inch
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • Screen type: LCD with LED backlight
  • Viewing Angle: 89/89/89/89(L/R/U/D)
  • Screen size: 1428.48*803.52 mm

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The sunlight-readable monitor is a kind of computer display monitor in which you can read the information clearly from the screen in direct sunlight. In daily life, there are many operations to be carried out outdoors. When the sunlight shines on outdoor equipment, you can see nothing from the display screen if use the common monitor. The sunlight-readable monitor is designed for such situations. It’s a kind of outdoor monitor.

The brightness is the most important characteristic of the sunlight-readable monitor. If you want to see sharp and clear pictures from the display monitor in direct sunlight, high screen brightness is essential. The brightness of our commonly used indoor monitors is about 200 nits. Such brightness is not bright enough when the monitors are used in the sunlight.

The minimum requirement of the screen brightness of sunlight readable monitor is 700 nits. There are some such display monitors in which the screen brightness can reach up to 2500 nits. For the manufacturers, there are several methods to improve the brightness, if you want to know the details, please read the rest content.

The sunlight-readable monitor is made of an LCD panel with an LED backlight. Plenty of such monitors are used with touch screens. The sunlight-readable monitor has many custom characteristics and can be divided into several types. Knowing what kinds of such product is the best for your application is very important before buying. It will help you to save money and time. Read this guideline and you will get everything you need.

Different from the home computer monitor, the sunlight-readable monitor is a more complex product. You should not only pay attention to the common characteristics, such as size, resolution, and so on, but also many other uncommon characteristics, for example, the brightness, touch screen, glass, etc.

Compared with common monitors, there are many more clients who need custom sunlight-readable monitors. For example, some clients need open-frame sunlight-readable monitors, some need panel-mounted monitors. Some clients need a monitor kit with an enclosure, touch screen, printer, and other components. So, if you need such a monitor, the best way is to find and buy from a professional manufacturer.

GECEY is your best choice. GECEY can provide the sunlight readable monitor with the best quality and price. We are the manufacturer, so we have the advantages of price, quality, warranty, and many others.

GECEY can design and manufacture custom sunlight-readable monitors. We have experienced engineers and we usually use AutoCAD, Solidworks, and much other software to design for our clients. GECEY has lots of such LCD display monitors for selection.

The screen brightness of the sunlight-readable monitor refers to when the monitor screen is white how much light it can emit. The higher the brightness, the higher the power consumption and the higher the price. So for your application, it’s not that the higher the brightness, the better. Please remember that the right is the best.

The LCD panel is the most important component of the sunlight-readable monitor and The screen brightness of the monitor is equal to the brightness of the LCD panel. According to the structure, the panel can be divided into 2 types.

Back-lit LCD panel: The thickness of such a panel is about 10mm. The backlight system of such a panel consists of an LED strip, a backlight panel, and other components. The LED strip is located on both sides of the backlight panel. Most sunlight-readable monitors use such panels because they are ultra-thin.

Direct-lit LCD panel: The thickness of the direct-lit panel is over 30mm. The backlight system is mainly made of LED strips. There is no backlight panel and the LED strips are on the back of the LCD screen. For large sizes, such as 65”, 55” etc, such panels have the advantages of cost and brightness.

In order to improve the brightness of the LCD panel so that it can reach the requirement of the sunlight-readable monitor, the most commonly used method is to increase the light output of the LED strip.

There are also other methods to increase the brightness, the optical bonding is another one.

Sometimes, clear glass will be used in front of the sunlight-readable display monitor to protect it, for example, plenty of monitors use the IR touch screen with clear glass and the function of the glass is to protect the monitor screen from damage.

In that case, there will be an air gap between the glass and the monitor screen. The air gap is harmful which will reduce the readability of the display in the sunlight. It produces some unwanted glare and reflections. Maybe you have a similar experience, you can see your own shadow from the monitor with clear glass. Sometimes, the sunlight-readable monitor with clear glass looks like a mirror.

In order to deal with this, the most simple method is to use anti-glare glass to replace the clear glass. The method is simple, but the effect is not the best. The best solution is to use a monitor which is optically bonded.

Optical bonding refers to use the of liquid adhesive to fill the air gap. There are several types of adhesives that can be used. For the sunlight-readable monitor, optical bonding has many advantages. It can reduce glare and increase the screen brightness and contrast. This makes the monitor to be more readable and brighter in the sunshine.

Optical bonding also has some disadvantages. First of all, the price of sunlight readable monitor with optical bonding is higher. Second, the making process is not as simple as you think. The adhesive is liquid. In the production process, you need to ensure that the liquid will not overflow and there will be no bubbles, impurities, etc.

For more details about optical bonding, please read this article. We recommend using the sunlight-readable monitor without optical bonding unless that’s very necessary.

For users or clients, you don’t need to understand this principle very deeply, caused by that’s the job of the manufacturer. What you need to think about are the several custom characteristics, such as screen size, resolution, touch screen, enclosure, and so on.

According to the use environment, the sunlight readable monitors can be divided into two types:

Industrial sector: Plenty of monitors are used in the industrial equipment and machines, for example, the monitors for marine boats. The use environments are very complex. The common household monitor will be broken in a short time. In that case, the industrial grade sunlight readable monitor is essential. It’s made with the industrial grade LCD panel and components. You can check the industrial monitor page to know more.

Commercial sector: The requirement for the commercial monitor is lower than the industrial monitor, so the price is also lower. What is the commercial sunlight-readable monitor? It’s the monitor which is often used to display advertisements to customers. It’s widely used in shops, supermarkets, etc.

For example, you can often see some outdoor digital signage at bus stops and supermarkets. There are also many stretched bar monitors in airports and train stations. Plenty of them is made by commercial sunlight-readable monitors.

Different environments use different monitors. The small sizes of sunlight-readable monitors are usually used in the industrial sector. The large sizes of such display monitors are usually used in the commercial sector.

Same with other kinds of monitors, the sunlight-readable monitor also has many common features that you should know and the following chapters will show them to you.

Many clients don’t know what screen size is the best at the beginning of their project. They are not sure what size of sunlight-readable monitor they will use. So, they want to know the see size information and what sizes of the monitors are there first.

Similar to other kinds of monitors, there are full sizes of sunlight-readable monitors for selection. The sizes can be from 10” to 110”.

The resolution is another important piece of information that the clients want to know. Normally, the FHD( 1920 x 1080) and 4K (3840 x 2160) are the most two widely used resolutions. The resolution is related to the size and there are many other resolutions that are available.

If you don’t have special requirements, then we recommend using 1920 x 1080 for a small-size monitor first, caused it’s clear enough and the cost of the monitor with the such resolution is cheaper. If the monitor size is large, then the FHD and 4K are both recommended. You can use either of them.

The monitor with a touch screen is interactive and interesting. Plenty of applications need to use the sunlight-readable monitor with a touch screen. There are several types of touch screens in the market, such as resistive, capacitive, infrared( IR ), and others. The resistive touch screen is available, but we don’t recommend it.

For small sizes of sunlight-readable monitors, we recommend using the capacitive touch screen and IR touch screen. The capacitive touch is transparent and frameless. Its thickness is just about 2mm. For large sizes of monitors, the IR touch screen is the only choice, caused the quality of the large sizes touch screen is the most stable and the price is acceptable.

The enclosure is the necessary part of the sunlight-readable monitor. It’s used to hold the LCD panel, control board, and other parts. There are plenty of enclosures with different styles, caused by different projects that need different monitors.

For example, some clients need a desktop sunlight-readable monitor which is similar to the common office computer monitor. The such monitor has a plastic enclosure and it’s widely used in outdoor shops.