Details of GC-MTO55ALV1

Video of GC-MTO55ALV1

GC-MTO55ALV1 is a very amazing product. Its screen is automatic lifting. Infrared remote control will be sent to you with such a product. Press the key of the remote, the transparent OLED screen can rise automatically and be turned on. Press another key on the remote, the screen can fall automatically and be turned off. It’s very interesting.

The control board and power supply are hidden in the base. There is a handle on the bottom of each side of the product. That means you can move GC-MTO55ALV1 to any place very easily. The input voltage of GC-MTO55ALV1 is 110VAC to 220VAC. It can be used in any country.

The base of GC-MTO55ALV1 is the first edition we designed. Its color is white. If you need other colors, such as black, etc, then we can also make them for you. We will design and make more fashion bases for such products in the future. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Multi functions

Similar to other transparent OLED displays, the functions of GC-MTO55ALV1 depend on what kinds of control boards it uses. The functions can be computer monitor, digital signage, all in one computer or TV. The following list shows the commonly used functions for selection.

  • -A

    GC-MTO55ALV1-A means it’s a kind of computer monitor. The control board is a simple PC monitor control board. You need to connect it to your computer to use.

  • -B

    GC-MTO55ALV1-B means it’s a kind of transparent OLED digital signage. A free software will send to you. You can use it to play the advertisements, videos etc.

  • -C

    GC-MTO55ALV1-C means it’s a kind of all in one computer monitor. The computer mother board will be installed in the base.

By default, GC-MTO55ALV1 is a computer monitor. You can tell us what kinds of functions you need and send messages to us. We will make it according to your requirements.

Touch screen is optional

GC-MTO55ALV1 doesn’t have a touch screen by default, but if you have requirements, we can make it for you. For such a product, the capacitive touch screen is what we most recommend. The infrared touch screen has a frame that is almost 20mm in width. It will affect the appearance of the whole product.

Application area

The application of GC-MTO55ALV1 is also very wide. For example, it can be used in the meeting room of your company. When you are going to have a meeting, press the button on the IR remote, and the screen will automatically rise. When the meeting is over, press another button on the IR remote, and the screen will drop automatically.

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