mirror TV frame

The frame is just like the necktie of people, so a perfect mirror TV must have a beautiful frame. There are many kinds of mirror TV frames. According to the material, the mirror TV frames can be divided into 3 types: aluminum, wood, and PS. GECEY is the most popular TV mirror kit manufacturer in the world. We can provide any of the 3 types of frames. For example, if you need a mirror TV with a wood frame, then just send a message to us, and we will make it according to your requirements

The mirror TV frame has many custom features, such as size, shape, color, and so on. The followings are the frames that we commonly used. You can see that there are hundreds of frames for selection. If you need some beautiful frames which are not in the following pictures, please feel free to click the blue button, and send the message and pictures to us. We will make the mirror TV with the frame that you need and send it to you.