Two way mirror for TV

How to hide your television perfectly? Maybe the two-way mirror for TV is the best solution. In the past, in order to hide the television, we always place the TV in the cabinet. The cabinet which has a window is mounted on the wall. When you need to watch TV, open the window. And, close the window when you don’t need to watch TV.

With the development of the tech, the two-way mirror is used to hide the TV. It looks like a mirror then turn off the TV and you can watch TV when turn on the television behind the mirror.

1. What’s the two-way mirror

The two-way mirror is also called a two-way glass or dielectric mirror. It’s a kind of glass that looks like a mirror on one side and you can see through from another side. It can be simply divided into two layers: a commonly used ordinary transparent glass and a thin metal coating.

The making process of the two-way mirror is similar to the commonly used glass. A thin metal coating is placed on one surface of the glass by the machine. The metal coating can reflect back most of the light from the source, but allow some of them to pass through. So you can see through it from another side.

To change the parameters of the metal coating, the manufacturer can make various kinds of two-way mirrors with different transmittance and reflectivity. From CHAPTER 2 of the mirror TV page, you can see that there are 3 kinds of dielectric mirrors that are usually used to hide the television and the mirror with 30% transmittance and 70% reflectivity is the best for hidden television.

Besides the transmittance and reflectivity, there are many other characteristics that you should pay attention to. Follow the sections below and you will know how to get the right mirror for your television.

2. Pattern of two-way mirror for TV

What’s the pattern of the two-way mirror? That’s the pattern of the metal coating. Plenty of applications need to display rich content on the surface of the mirror. For example, in the center of the mirror is a TV program, there is a circle of LED lights around the TV and there may also be LED indicators.

In similar cases, the manufacturer needs to adjust the pattern of the coating to match the display requirement. So, the pattern of the coating is custom. If you have a special requirement, don’t forget to send the detailed mechanical drawing to your supplier.

3. Size

It’s very easy to understand that size is an important characteristic. Different applications need different sizes of two-way mirrors for TV. So how to know the accurate size for your project?

First, you should measure the space in which you plan to install the mirror. Then the accurate size of the mirror should be a little smaller than the space. This is good for installation. Second, you should measure the size of the TV behind the mirror and design the location of the television on the back of the mirror.

4. Shape

Maybe you think all the two-way mirrors for TV are rectangular, caused by such products in the pictures we usually see are in this shape. However, that’s not the case. The shapes are rich and custom. In theory, machines can make any shape. The accurate shape depends on your preference and specific case. You can use rectangular, round, oval, polygon, and so on.

5. Thickness

What’s the commonly used thickness of the mirror? The answer is 2mm – 5mm. The best thickness for your project depends on the size and your requirement. For example, if the size from corner to corner is under 19 inches, then you can use the 2mm or 3mm. If the size is from 19 inches to 32 inches, then 3mm or 4mm is better. If the size is over 65 inches, then it’s better to use 5mm or 6mm.

6. Transparency and reflectivity

In CHAPTER 2 of the mirror TV page of this article, we have known that there are 3 types of mirrors with different transparency and reflectivity. No matter which one you use, the most important is selecting a television with high brightness. The mirror will reflect and absorb a lot of light from the TV screen.

In order to you can watch TV normally from the surface of the mirror, a television with high brightness is essential.

7. Frame

The frame is just like the clothes of the people. It can greatly improve the appearance of the whole product. Although some products don’t need the frame, such as the bathroom mirror TV, most two-way mirrors for TV need the frame. The frames of the two-way mirror for TV are very rich. Different appearance, different style. You can select one from this page.
The two-way mirror is one of the most important materials to make a mirror TV. If you want to DIY a mirror television or just hide your TV, it’s important to choose the right one. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. It’s free.

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