How To Measure The Size Of a TV

Before buying a television that fits the size of your room, you need to get its dimensions. You might not be familiar, but the television’s measurement can affect the viewing along with the picture quality. It is necessary to know the TV size before buying. Some people prefer small-sized television while others like large-sized flat screens with advanced technology.

1. Best fit for your room

Before you start searching for televisions, you have to choose the location, width, depth, and height of the place where you want to put the television and match it with the television’s size to make a suitable purchase.

2. Measurement of a television

Measuring the TV size is significant if you want it to fit into your cabinet appropriately. Here is what you need to know.

  • For wall-mounting televisions, you have to check the depth and height of the TV without its stand.
  • If you want to measure it with the stand, you have to measure the stand’s height and depth.
  • Do not skip measuring the television’s width and check all the measurements thoroughly to ensure that you do not buy a TV that is too small or large for your room.

3. Measuring the screen size

The screen size is what you need to measure before considering the other dimensions. Usually, the screen size refers to the diagonal length in inches. You need to measure the diagonal length from one corner to the opposite corner of the screen surface. In other words, you have to measure the screen size from the bottom left to the top right corner of the screen. Remember that the size that the company promotes may not be the actual screen size that you are viewing.

You can take a measuring tape and start taking the dimensions from one corner to another without the borders. While buying a new TV, you should carry the measuring tape to compare the screen size that the company promotes and what your tape measures.

4. Measurement of the frame and stand

Even though the screen size you measure diagonally tells you the viewing area of the screen, you need to know the frame’s measurement and stand whether it will comfortably fit into the space available. Therefore, it is necessary to take the dimensions of the frame and the stand of any television you are keen to buy.

Remember that the frame’s measurement can add approximately from half to three inches to the height and width of the television. Furthermore, the stand can add more to the original dimension of the television. Therefore, you need to know the screen size and the stand and frame dimensions before buying the set.

Once you know the television screen size, you also have to know the size of the space where you want it to fit. So, do not forget to consider the width and height of the space where you want to place the television.

5. Measuring the television viewing distance

The place where you want to watch television is an important factor to consider. You can use the TV viewing distance calculators to find a suitable screen size according to where you want to sit. However, if you are not eager to get into the hassles of complicated calculations, you have to measure the distance from the place where you sit to the television in inches and multiply it by 0.84 to get the appropriate size.

However, this measurement may not tell you the perfect screen size or a rational dimension. You can buy as big a screen size as you can but be sure to watch the television from a distance of about four feet to get a perfect view.

6. Height to watch the television

Ideally, the television needs to stay at eye level, and the middle of the screen should be lower than the level of your eyes. Usually, people find it more comfortable to look down than look up to watch the television. However, if you want to view the television in your bedroom when lying on the bed, you have to install the TV slightly higher than usual and tilted down to an angle of ninety degrees.

7. Summarizing the TV size

You are familiar by now that you need to measure the size of the television diagonally from one corner at the bottom to the other corner on the top right. However, the actual dimension of the television can differ. Besides, you have to measure the television’s resolution as the higher it is, the closer you can sit to the television.

Furthermore, you have to consider the TV stand’s size will help you set the television better and reduce the viewing distance. Not every room will require a television size that is too small or large. Make sure the television serves its purpose without cramming the space to enjoy watching your favorite shows. You can also consult with experts to know how to get the actual measurement of the television to buy the perfect size for your needs.

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