The custom features and parameters of TV mirror kit

A TV mirror kit is an assembly of many parts. Besides the frame, two way mirror, television and so on, some kits also contain the LED lighting part. When the clients want to buy a kit, if they don’t specify it, the seller will acquiesce they need the common used products.

In that case, the clients just need to send some basic requirements to the seller, for instance , the size of the kit, style of the frame, resolution and so on, then they will get a pretty mirror TV kit. In many cases, the homely used indoor kits don’t need special features.

However, there are also plenty of clients need custom products. Different scenarios require different products. Some TV mirror kit are used in gym and some are used in bathroom. So, lot of details are need for the seller so that they can make the prefect products. In general, whatever the kit is special or common, you should know the following features or parameters before buying.

1. The benefits to know the custom features and parameters

  1. To know what you need pay attention to when you plan to buy a mirror TV. It’s very useful for getting a prefect mirror TV with high quality and low cost. Avoid wasting time and money.
  2. If you want to DIY a mirror TV kit, you will know how to get right materials after reading this article. It would help you avoid making many mistakes.

2. Size and shape of the two way mirror

The size and shape of the two way mirror are the two most important custom features for the special mirror TV. Change the size and/or shape , you will get a very different product. May be you have noticed that there are plenty of mirror TV which the size of the mirror is much big then the screen size of the television. This kind of product is usually used in bathroom, gym and other places.

To understand this, let’s see an example. There is a client who need a mirror TV kit. The kit will be installed in the gym, then the kit looks like a mirror when his customers are dancing or exercising. After his customers finish, they can turn on the television which is behind the mirror to have a rest and watch TV.

The client said the kit will be install on the wall and the size of the mirror is 2 meters x 1.5 meters. The television that behind of the mirror is 55”. From the sample, you can see that the screen size of the television is much smaller than the mirror and the shape of the kit is rectangular.

Except the rectangular, theoretically, the shape of the kit can be arbitrary, caused by the mirror is cut by the machine. So the manufacturer just need to send the mechanical drawing to the machine, then they can get a mirror with custom shape.

So if you prepare to buy a custom mirror TV kit, please don’t forget tell the seller the information of size and shape. You can send the mechanical drawing to the seller directly if you can do that.

3. Size of the television

For the mirror TV which the mirror is much bigger than the television, there are several different screen sizes of televisions that are available. From the sample of the second part, we can see that the client can use all of the televisions which the sizes are from 24” to 65”. So the size of the TV is also an important information for the special products. If you want to DIY a kit, then you need to know how to select the television first.

4. Brightness of TV mirror kit

The brightness of the TV mirror kit is different with the brightness of the television which is behind of the mirror. The former is about 30% of the latter.

brightness (TV mirror kit) = 30% brightness of TV (note: the kit use the two way mirror with the 30% light transmittance)

Many mirror TV kits will be used in the room full of sunshine or outdoor. In that case, the brightness of the kit need to be much higher than commonly used type. if not, you will found the kit is too dark to watch TV during the day time.

So it’s very necessary to check whether will you use the product in the place full of sunshine, and then tell your supplier before purchasing.

Another problem that you should keep in the mind is that the higher the brightness, the higher the cost. The solution is that you can contact with the seller, and ask them to give you a discount. It’s going to work.

5. LED lighting

Some TV mirror kits have the LED lighting on both sides and some have the LED lighting around the kits. This kind of products are always installed in the bathroom. There are several distinct features for the bathroom mirror TV kits, such as frameless, embedded installation mode and so on.

If you need the mirror TV kit with LED lighting, just tell your requirements to the manufacturer. It’s not difficult for them to make such product.

6. Other basic parameters

  • The frame is just like the people’s clothes. It’s worth spending lot of time to choose a favorite frame. There are many beautiful frames here. You can choose the different styles and colors.
  • For other basic parameters, such as the resolution, interface and so on, the TV mirror kit is very similar with the common TV. You can read the TV that looks like a mirror VS common TV to know the details.

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