Gecey is your best supplier of monitor

GECEY is your professional manufacturer of LED monitor. The price of our LCD monitors is cheap, but also, the quality is the best. Many certifications of our computer monitors  have been passed , such as UL, TUV, ROHS and so on. GECEY offers all kinds of PC monitors , for instance HDMI monitor, gaming monitor, 24 inch monitor, 27 inch monitor and others.

GECEY’s monitors are all custom, for example the frame, the structure, the interface and other characteristics. We can design the monitors to meet your special applications. GECEY is your best supplier in China.

If you have any questions , please feel free to contact us. It’s our pleasure to work with you.

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You can decide the interface of the led monitor. VGA , DVI or HDMI are all available.


We have many unique and exquisite monitor frames for selection. If you have any special requirements , we can do it for you.


According to the situation, you can choose any sizes of monitor as you want, for example 24 inch monitor, 27 inch monitor and others. We can design.


The brightness of the monitor is adjustment. If the brightness can’t meet you application, we can design for you.



GECEY’s LED monitors are unique , whatever the outlook, the function, the brightness or any other characteristics. Choosing GECEY means choosing the best monitor in the world.


Every GECEY’s LED monitor is custom manufactured to the outlook, size, interface or each client’s specific project’s requirements.


Meticulous fabrication process coupled with stringent quality control measures and UL safety certification ensures your LED monitor arrives as expected and outperforms your  expectations throughout the monitor’s longevity.


From concept to implementation, architects to end users, GECEY’s knowledgeable design consultants and technicians offer assistance throughout the project to meet your functional requirements and achieve your aesthetic display objective.