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An LED TV is a new version of traditional television. LED TV technology is relatively new and has changed all the lighting technology used to project the image. An LED TV is an LCD TV that uses light-emitting diodes to illuminate the LCD screen. The light-emitting diode TVs can be turned on from the back where the LEDs are behind the panel on the screen, or from the edge where the LEDs are placed around the perimeter of the screen.

Contrast is an area where you can find an important difference between LCD TVs and LED TVs. A typical LCD TV has the disadvantage of producing lower levels of contrast because the backlighting makes the darker areas less obvious than they should be. Although fluorescent tubes provide light on a traditional LCD TV, they have some disadvantages. They use more space and are heavy. In addition, they do not provide sufficient color quality, since the blacks shown are not real blacks, which reduces the dynamism of all other colors. This is the main reason why LED technology has emerged it can provide a lighting source that can show the purest blacks and whites and improve the contrast ratio and dynamism. Of all the other colors.

At this time, if there is a category that governs the market, it has to be LED. The most advanced and best versions of the technology are a gift for users. Whether the price of the flat LED TV, the screen, the resolution, the size, or whatever, they will never disappoint. Let’s explore the advantages a little more:

What benefits of flat LED TVs? 

1) Brightness: LED TVs use advanced technology to provide adequate lighting. Thanks to this, they have a clear and crisp image, which means they can be easily seen even in well-lit rooms.

2) Energy efficiency: they use less energy than their counterparts and emit little heat. This translates into lower costs and lowers energy consumption, which translates into savings in monthly electricity bills.

3) Lightweight: It would not be wrong to say that these TVs have less weight compared to previous versions, such as LCD or plasma screens, making them a more desirable option.

4) Easy installation: its weight being lower, its installation is comparatively much easier.

5) Screen sizes: There is a wide range of screen sizes available. You can choose between small sizes, from 10 inches to large sizes, such as 85 inches or more. This means that you can buy an LED depending on the size of your room and have a perfect view.

6) Contrast: The contrast levels are higher than those of liquid crystal displays, especially in LED matrix products.

7) Colour accuracy: LED technology provides better color accuracy to the image, providing better performance than any other variant.

8) Shelf life: They last longer compared to other flat-screen options. Since heat emissions are comparatively lower, the parts used are not heated and the TV remains intact.

9) Reduced maintenance: your maintenance costs are low or really insignificant. The parts are not damaged for long periods and even if they are, they are easily available on the market.

GECEY has many popular and powerful flat LED TV products, such as mirror TV line products, touch screen TV, bathroom mirror TV, and so on. If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us.

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