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Mirror TV

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Chapter 1: What’s the mirror TV?

Mirror TV is simply a combination of television and mirror. A television is installed behind the mirror in such a way that when you turn it off, it looks like a simple makeup mirror. But when it is turned on, you can easily watch TV and the mirror disappears.

A lot of advantages contribute to the popularity of mirror TV. It looks very beautiful and futuristic. The beauty of outer frame turns it into a work of art.

There are several parts of a mirror TV. These include a special mirror, high brightness television, a beautiful frame etc. You can either buy one or make one for yourself.

Before buying a mirror TV, it is essential to understand how it works. Although it looks like a magical product, it does not involve that much science. The subsequent article discusses the two key components of mirror TV.

mirror tv 1/
mirror tv 2/
mirror tv 3/
mirror tv 4/

Chapter 2: The 1st key component of mirror TV

Have you ever wondered how you can watch television when mirror TV is turned on and how it looks like a mirror when it is turned off? The answer is simple! A television is installed behind a special mirror. This mirror is a special type of mirror which is sometimes called TV mirror, two-way mirror or dielectric mirror.

This mirror is an optical glass lens whose colour is silvery-white. It is manufactured through nano sputtering technology through which the glass is covered by a thin metallic film.

By adjusting a few manufacturing parameters, the manufacturers can produce several different types of dielectric mirrors with different transmittance and reflectivity. This type of mirror has a lot of applications. If you want to make a smart mirror yourself, then this DIY mirror guide is very helpful.

secret of mirror TV |

There are three types of TV mirrors commonly used. The transmittance and reflectivity is as follows:

  • 30%, 70%
  • 50%, 50%
  • 70%, 30%

According to a test, the effect of the first type shown above is the best for mirror TV. Because the transmittance is just 30%, the brightness of television needs to be very high so that it does not appear dark when watching the television.

transmittance 30%, reflectivity 70%

Transmittance: 30%

Reflectivity: 70%

transmittance 50%, reflectivity 50%

Transmittance: 50%

Reflectivity: 50%

transmittance 70%, reflectivity 30%

Transmittance: 70%

Reflectivity: 30%

Chapter 3: The 2nd key component of mirror TV

The second important component of mirror TV is a high brightness television. There are several televisions available in market, but not all of them fulfil this criterion.

One of the well-known mirror TV is Samsung mirror TV. There are several series of televisions that Samsung produces but many of them are not bright enough. The one that we recommend is the Samsung Terrace series which is a QLED TV with a high brightness.

There is another type of television called outdoor television. There are several types of outdoor TVs offering affordable price, good quality and a lot of different sizes. If you are interested in DIY the mirror TV, then you can select from Samsung Terrace series or an outdoor TV. To know more, check out how to select the television behind the mirror guide.

Now you are able to select the two way mirror and television. The next important thing is to select the frame.

Chapter 4: Custom and beautiful frames of mirror TV

The frame is one of the essential aesthetic for mirror TV. These frames are similar to the ones that you use with your photos or paintings. There are three types of frames divided according to the type of material: wood, polystyrene and aluminium.

  • Wood: These frames are the most beautiful and expensive ones. They are made through big carving machines and are available in lots of different shapes and sizes. Wooden frames have the highest cost. A 100 x 80 cm frame may cost you around 100 – 150 USD.
  • Polystyrene: The polystyrene frame is the most widely used to make the mirror TV because it’s easily produced and hence has an affordable price. Most of these types of frames are rectangular with very rich colours and patterns. For outdoor type, polystyrene frame is the best option.
  • Aluminium: These types of frames are quite strong and affordable. It is often available in multi  colours and many clients like this type of frame. They are available in rectangular shape, round shape and others, but the available colours are rich.
Plenty styles of frames 1 |
Plenty styles of frames 2 |
frame sample 3/
frame sample 1/
frame sample 2/
frame sample 4/
frame sample 8/
frame sample 5/
frame sample 6/
frame sample 7/

We’ve released hundreds of images of the beautiful frames in this page. Click the following blue button to browse.

Chapter 5: Function of mirror TV

Most of mirror TVs are used to watch television, movies, news etc. However, there are some mirror TVs which are special. Have you ever seen someone use mirror TV to buy something online? Or maybe a mirror TV which shows time, temperature and weather on the screen?

The function of mirror TV depends on the type of control board attached to it. If it is a television control board then it becomes a television. If some other type of control board used, the mirror TV becomes a streaming or any other smart platform.

The mirror TV has an operating system and network connectivity such as Wi-Fi. It offers wide variety of possibilities such as watching TV, playing commercial advertisements, displaying weather information and even shopping online.

Chapter 6: Where can you buy a mirror with TV

The mirror TV kit offers a big variety in the size of mirror, the size of television, shape and resolution etc. There are several other features as well but if you want a custom television then you can contact the manufacturer directly and send them your requirements.

When buying mirror TV, the best professional services offered by GECEY can help you get your dream mirror TV. With a great customer base all over the world, we have received very good reviews from our exported products.

A review of some of the kits offered by GECEY is given below:

GC-MT150NFI-XXX | 15 inch |
  • Model: GC-MT150NFI-XXX
  • Display area: 304.128 × 228.096 mm
  • Screen Size: 15 inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 HZ
  • Backlight: LED
  • Viewing Angle:89/ 89/ 89/ 89
GC-MT190NFI-XXX | 19 inch |
  • Model: GC-MT190NFI-XXX
  • Display area: 376.32 × 301.056 mm
  • Screen Size: 19 inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 HZ
  • Backlight: LED
  • Viewing Angle:89/ 89/ 89/ 89
GC-MT240NFI-XXX | 24 inch |
  • Model: GC-MT240NFI-XXX
  • Display area: 531.36×298.89 mm
  • Screen Size: 24 inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 HZ
  • Backlight: LED
  • Viewing Angle:89/ 89/ 89/ 89
GC-MT270NFI-XXX | 27 inch |
  • Model: GC-MT270NFI-XXX
  • Display area: 597.6 × 336.15 mm
  • Screen Size: 27 inch
  • Refresh Rate: 60 HZ
  • Backlight: LED
  • Viewing Angle:89/ 89/ 89/ 89

For the products from 32 inch to 75 inch, please click this page:

Mirrored TV Reviews

For the questions, more details, price and so on about this product, please feel free to use the following form to tell us. We will answer you ASAP.

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Custom mirror TV( MUST SEE)

To get your desired custom mirror TV, you need to give the following information to us.

(1). The two-way mirror: First thing you should do is to decide the shape and size of mirror. The mirror is cut and produced by machines and it is very convenient for us to produce one which meets your requirements.

(2).Television. For selection of a television, there are a lot of options.

1),size(how to measure).

The first thing you should consider is the size. Televisions ranging from 10” to 86” are available for selection


What do you need the television for? Do you need it for news, commercial advertisements or something else? We will select the controller according to your requirements. You can read further in chapter 5.


If the size of TV is smaller than the mirror then you have to choose where to place the TV in the mirror. You can choose any location as it does not make much difference in production.

4),panel type.

LCD TV with LED backlight is commonly used because it has good quality and affordable price. Recently, the OLED TV is gaining popularity and some sizes of OLED TV are also available. In addition, almost all the LCD panels for such product are flat screen.


The resolution that is most common is 1920 x 1080 also known as FHD although the 4k resolution is gaining more and more popularity. The resolution is commonly is dependent on TV size. For example, the resolution commonly available for the 10.1” LCD is usually 1280 x 800. If you need a mirror TV with 15.6” television, then 1920 x 1080 resolution is what you should go for.

6), interface.

The interface dependents on the control board of TV and there are a lot of varieties available. The most commonly used interfaces are HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, SD card etc.


There are several other requirements such as contrast ratio that you should pay attention to. Feel free to let us know so we can deliver the best product to you.

(3).Frame. There are several options for selection of mirror frame and frameless mirror TVs are also available. You can get more information in chapter 4. If you need a custom frame, please feel free to contact us and we can design it for you. The 3D modelling software we often use are AutoCAD, Solidworks and so on.

(4).Touch screen: Some mirror TV kits have touch screens as well. There are several types of touch screens available including resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen and infrared touch screen. We provide all of these and option for multi-touch is also available.

(5).Lighting. Some mirror TVs have the LED lamp on 2 or 4 sides of the mirror. The location of the LED lamp is custom, and the light can be white and RGB.

(6). How to mount: To know more about mounting options, please proceed to chapter 10.

In case you have any questions, use the button below to contact us and we will do our best to guide you and work with you.

Chapter 7: The approximate cost of mirror TV

When buying anything, the price is the most important aspect. Many people are sensitive when it comes to price. The price of mirror TV depends on the shape, size, frame type and other detailed requirements provided by the customer.

For example, there are two types of mirror TVs with the same TV size but different mirror size and hence they have different prices. For your convenience, we have put up a list of common combinations and you can get a rough estimate for yourself.

   Size           Approximate price

32 inch          4000 – 6500 USD

To read further, proceed to this page.

If you still have any confusions regarding the type of TV to choose you can check out this guide: TV that looks like a mirror vs a common TV. In addition to the common type of mirror TV, there is a additional type of TV that is used in bathroom. You will know its detail in the next section.

Chapter 8. Mirror TV for bathroom

There is mirror TV which is available for bathroom as well and you can find such TV in a hotel bathroom. Do you want to watch TV while taking a bath at your home? For an upscale hotel, you can get important information from the mirror screen such as weather or any other data.

The bathroom mirror TV has some special features:

  • Frame: Almost all of the such mirror TVs are frameless.
  • Size: The size of the TV installed on the mirror is much smaller and small TVs such as 15 inch or 19 inch are used.
  • Waterproof: Steam often accumulates in a bathroom when taking a bath. The mirror will get wet and you will need the waterproof feature.
  • Mount: The mounting for this type of TV is always different and it is usually embedded within the wall.
  • LED Light: A lot of bathroom TVs have LED light on 2 or 4 sides.
  • Touch screens: Similar with touch screen TV, the touch function is commonly available.

For more details, check out the guide on bathroom mirror TV.

Chapter 9. Cover of mirror TV

For indoor televisions, the covers are optional. Using a cover to protect your mirror TV is a good choice when you are away from home for a few days. It is also essential for the TV which is used outdoor.

There are a lot of different types of covers available. What you need to do is to pay attention to the size. Selecting a suitable size for the television that is neither too big and nor too small is very important. The cost of the covers is always low, for example, the price for the 55-inch television cover is under 25 USD.

Chapter 10. Mount method of mirror TV

For the televisions, there are 3 types of installation modes: stand up, hanging and wall mounted. Almost all the mirror TVs are wall mounted because it looks very beautiful when embedded into a wall.

TV kit is usually heavy, especially with the bigger size. Mirror TV is usually heavier than ordinary television, so you need to confirm the material of your wall before installing it. The safety is the most important during use.

If the wall is not durable enough then it can be dangerous to install a big size mirror television. If it is a concrete or block wall, then it would be very good for installation.

The wall mount bracket is essential for installation. You can find a lot of the wall mount brackets in the market. There are two points that you should always keep in mind.

The first thing is that the bracket should match the weight of the television. If your television is a small size television then it is better to use a small bracket, instead of a big one. The second thing is that the wall mount bracket should be strong enough so that it does not get deformed after long term use.

The mounting solution for the bathroom mirror TV is special. The television is always embedded in the wall. So, before you install the television, you need to make a cavity in the wall so the mirror TV can fit in it. Then the bracket can be installed to hold it.

For the steps for mounting and extra tips, you can check out our guide on mirror TV mount.

TV wall mount 1 |
TV wall mount 2 |
TV wall mount 3 |

Chapter 11: Very important tips of mirror TV before DIY

Usually, every family owns television, so does that mean that they can just buy a two-way mirror and place everything behind it to make a mirror TV? However, the truth is that it is not as simple as you think. The following tips are very important when building a DIY mirror TV.

Tips #1: Try to get a small piece of two-way mirror before purchasing a big one. There are several types of the two-way mirrors with different parameters. In order to avoid mistakes and save money, it is better to get a small sample, and then place it in front of the television to test its effects. If the result can fulfil your requirement, then buy the appropriate size of mirror.

Tips #2: Try to check the brightness of the television. The television needs to be brighter than the TV for daily use. If you have a outdoor TV, then the brightness can fulfil your requirements. You can also check the SPECS of the television or contact the seller to get more information.

Tips #3: Try to make or get a frame. In order to hold the mirror and television, it is better to use a frame.

Chapter 12. How to DIY mirror TV

If you have the time and the tools, then it can be quite fun to build a DIY mirror TV by yourself. A simple DIY guide would help you. Before starting, you need to prepare the following things:

(1). The frame, the television and a bracket.

(2). Tools such as fine tooth saw, the table saw etc.

Although having a detailed guide can help you quite a lot, but still a DIY mirror TV can cost you quite a lot of time and money. You will tend to make several mistakes for the first time, and you may have to start all over. It is not an easy task. If you do not have enough confidence, then it is a good choice to buy a mirror TV directly.