TV That Looks Like a Mirror VS Common TV

Many people have plans to buy a new television, then they would fall into the trouble that what kind of TV is the best for them. Plenty of people have gotten in touch with the TV that looks like a mirror and they love the design of the TV very much.

So which one should we buy, common TV or a TV that looks like a mirror? What’s the difference between them? Read this article and you will get the answers.

1. What’s the Common TV

The common TVs are our daily used indoor television. We can see them in online shops, department stores, offline stores, and many other places. They contain LED TVs, OLED TVs, QLED TVs, and so on.

2. What’s the TV that looks like a mirror?

The TV that looks like a mirror is also called a mirror TV or mirrored television. It consists of two main parts: a two-way mirror and a high-brightness television which is behind the mirror. Most such products also have beautiful frames. When the TV is turned off, you can use it as a mirror. And, when the TV is turned on, you can watch TV through the mirror.

3. What’s the biggest difference between common TV and a TV that look like a mirror?

(1). Appearance.

We are all very familiar with the common TVs because we can see them everywhere. Their appearance of them doesn’t surprise us a lot. However, the TV that looks like a mirror is very different. It looks like a very fashionable makeup mirror. When you use it to play the pictures or photos of your familiar, it looks like a painting or digital photo frame.

If you keep an eye on technology news, you should have noticed that Samsung developed a stylish television which is called a framed TV. It was shown at the exhibition in 2019 and plenty of clients were interested in this new product. The appearance of a TV that looks like a mirror when turned off is very similar to the Samsung Frame TV.

(2). Function.

The function of the common TV is to watch TV, play pictures, use it as a computer monitor, and so on. In addition to these functions, the TV that looks like a mirror can also be used as a mirror. It has both functions of the mirror and television.

In the past, the mirror and television are independent of each other and they both need to take up a lot of space in your room. If the TV is standing up, then a table is necessary to place the television. That means there are at least two tables in the room, one is for a TV, and the other is for a makeup mirror. This would take too much space for small rooms.

However, a TV that looks like a mirror can solve the problem perfectly. All you need is a small table for make-up. It would save a lot of space and makes your room look neat.

(3). Interactive features.

You would find the TV that looks like a mirror very interesting. Turn off the power and use it to paint yourself beautiful make-up, then you can begin to enjoy a wonderful day. When you get home in the evening, you can turn off the TV behind the mirror to enjoy your favorite TV series.

It’s like magic. It seems you can communicate with the TV that looks like a mirror. However, the common TV is just a cold machine without a soul. Maybe you are very happy at the time of buying it, but you would ignore it just several days later.

There are many other differences between them. You can decide which one is better from the following aspect.

4. TV type

For common TV, there are there main types in the market. There are HDR, OLED and QLED. The HDR TV is the most widely used in the market at present. The price is the cheapest of the 3 types and the technology is the most mature. The OLED TV is more and more popular. It has many advantages, but the lifetime is the shortest of the 3 types. The QLED TV is the latest and the cost is the most expensive, but the brightness is the highest.

The TV that looks like a mirror mainly uses 2 types of televisions. They are HDR and QLED. The OLED TV is not available for such a product, caused by the brightness of the OLED TV( about 360 nits ) is too low. The HDR TV is the most commonly used because the price of QLED is too high.

5. Where to buy

For common TV, you can buy one from almost anywhere, for example, you local stores, supermarkets, online platforms ( AMAZON, eBay), and so on. There are many sizes and brands of televisions for selection.

For the TV that looks like mirrors, the situation is different. The product is more complex than common TV and the price is higher. So you need a professional supplier. The manufacturer is your best choice, please don’t buy from the resellers. GECEY is the expert in this field. You can check the mirror TV review page to choose the best one for your home.

6. Cost or price

The cost is always one of the most important characteristics of the products. The cost of the TV looks like a mirror is higher than the common TV. In short, there are 3 main reasons:

  1. The television which is used in the TV looks like a mirror a TV with high brightness. The cost of high brightness TV is much higher than common TV.
  2. The common TV doesn’t need a two-way mirror.
  3. The common TV doesn’t have a beautiful frame.

7. Other aspects

Except for the differences, there are also many same features between the two products. Please see the following lists.

  • Resolution: The most commonly used resolutions are 1080P( 1920×1080 ) and 4K( 3840×2160 ). The 4K is recommended because it’s more and more popular.
  • Smart: Smart function and wifi are essential for both types of TVs.
  • Interface: In general, they both have HDMI, VGA, and USB interfaces.
  • Mount: Most of the TV that looks like mirrors are wall mounted. For common TV, there are 3 installation modes: standing, suspended, and wall-mounted.


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