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Open frame monitor GECEY can provide

Screen size6.5 inch to 110 inch. For details, please read chapter 3
Screen brightnessCustom. Please read chapter 8.
Touch screenOptional. Please read chapter 5.
BracketCustom.Please read chapter 9.
Flat screen or curved screenCustom. Please read chapter 7.
Control boardCustom
Resolution1920×1080,4K or others

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Some GECEY’s open frame monitors

Products we can provide-Mopen|
  • Model: GC-MOF101A0
  • Screen Size: 10.1 inch
Products we can provide-Mopen|
  • Model: GC-MOF215A0
  • Screen Size: 21.5 inch
Products we can provide-Mopen|
  • Model: GC-MOF238A0
  • Screen: Size: 28.8 inch
Products we can provide-Mopen|
  • Model: GC-MOF270A0
  • Screen Size: 27 inch


1. Can you deliver to our country or our region?

Yes, sure. Please don’t worry about the ships. We can deliver to your country or your region.

2. How about the lead time?

We will produce it as soon as you checkout. Normally, it takes about 20 days to produce and 5 days to ship by air. If the project is urgent, in order to meet the lead time, we can in about 10 days.

3. Can we provide the custom open frame monitors?

Yes, sure. We can design and make custom displays. When we receive your inquiry, normally, we will send an email to you in one business day to confirm every detail, such as the bezel of the cabinet, how the product is installed, and the interface(HDMI, VGA, DVI), etc.

We can also provide several solutions for customers. We always do our best to solve every problem our clients meet.

4. Where is your factory?

Our factory is based in Shenzhen, China. However, please no worries, we can send the display device to your region.

5. Why we are the best?

If you decide to search the open framed displays for your entertainment equipment, digital sign, or other applications, then we are your best choice. For example, the reliability of the quality is very good. We can send several solutions for free. We will protect your privacy. Our displays are well designed. Their performance is very good.

GECEY works day by day to enhance our service to every customer. If you are interested in our displays, a zoom meeting is also available. If you need, we can also send the categories to you.


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Chapter 1: What’s the open frame monitor

The open frame monitor is a kind of computer monitor without an enclosure or bezel. The biggest advantage of such a product is that the clients have the full freedom to design the enclosure with fashion and a pretty appearance. It’s often used with the touch screen.

Open frame monitors are widely used in plenty of applications, such as vending machines, digital signage displays, kiosks, vending machine displays, industrial applications, and many others. They have many custom parameters or features, for example, the size, brightness, and so on.

If you want to buy the open frame monitor, then it’s very necessary to know every aspect of such a product.

Chapter 2: Best open frame monitor with touch screen for sale

GECEY is a manufacturer with rich experiences. GECEY can provide a variety of OLED and LCD  open frame monitors, such as monitor for outdoor, monitor for industry, monitor that is waterproof, monitor which is sunlight-readable, and many other displays.

GECEY has plenty of advantages, for example, the best quality, pretty price, and long warranty. GECEY is professional in this field and has the capability to design and produce. Our open frame monitors have been exported to lots of countries in the world.

GECEY’s open frame display device can be divided into two types: industrial grade and commercial grade. Industrial grade display is commonly used for industrial equipment. In order to provide the best services to our customers, we can provide different solutions for your projects.

If you need such a product, please feel free to tell us your requirements. We will do our best to work for you.


The following is the list of commonly used sizes and resolutions of open frame monitors.

SizeDisplay areaResolution
10.1″ 216.96×135.6 mm 1280×800
12.1″ 245.76×184.32 mm1024×768
15″304.128×228.096 mm1024×768
17″ 337.92×270.336 mm1280×1024
19″376.32×301.056 mm 1280×1024
20.1″408×306 mm1600×1200
21.5″ 476.64×268.11 mm1920×1080
23″ 509.184×286.416 mm1920×1080
23.8″ 527.04×296.46 mm 1920×1080
24″ 531.36×298.89 mm 1920×1080
26″ 576×324 mm 1920×1080
27″ 597.6×336.15 mm1920×1080
32″708.48×398.52 mm3840×2160
37″ 819.36×460.89 mm1920×1080
40″878.112×485.352 mm3840×2160
SizeDisplay areaResolution
42″930.24×523.26 mm1920×1080
43″940.896×529.254 mm1920×1080
46″1018.08×572.67 mm1920×1080
47″1039.68×584.82 mm1920×1080
49″1073.78×604 mm1920×1080
50″1095.84×616.41 mm3840×2160
52″1152×648 mm1920×1080
55″ 1209.6×680.4 mm1920×1080
60″ 1317.31×740.988 mm3840×2160
65″1428.48×803.52 mm3840×2160
70″ 1549.44×871.56 mm1920×1080
75″1649.66×927.936 mm3840×2160
84″1860.48×1046.52 mm 3840×2160
86″1895.04×1065.96 mm 3840×2160
100″ 2203.2×1239.3 mm3840×2160

An open frame monitor of the same size will have several different resolutions to choose from. If there is no suitable sizes or resolution for your application, please use the button below to contact us.

Chapter 4: Structure of open frame monitor

The structure of the open frame monitor is simple. It consists of several main components and the following is the list.

(1). LCD panel: LCD or OLED.

(2). Simple bracket: It’s used to hold the monitor screen, controller, touch screen, and other components.

(3). Controller: Different applications need different controllers.The M.NT68676 is one of our most commonly used PC monitor controllers. Its interface has HDMI, VGA, DVI, etc.

If the open frame monitor is designed to be installed in kiosks, digital signage, or other products, then the smart controller is essential.

(4). Touch screen: The touch screen is optional. For details, please see the next chapter.

Chapter 5: Touch screen

Although the touch screen is not essential, the open frame touch screen monitors are very widely used in plenty of applications, for example, vending machines. There are several types of touch screens that are available for open frame monitors. They are capacitive touch screens, resistive touch screens, and infrared touch screens.

Chapter 6: Panel type

There are two types of display panels that are commonly used to build the open frame monitor: LCD panel and OLED panel. The LCD panel is also called an LED panel, caused by its backlight is made by the LED strip.

The cost of the LCD panel is better, but if you want to make a high-end product or if you love the latest technology, then we recommend using the open frame monitor with an OLED panel.

Chapter 7: Flat screen or curved screen

According to the shape of the screen, the open frame monitor can be divided into two types: flat and curved. The open frame monitor with a flat screen is very popular. Some gaming machines choose curved screens.

Chapter 8: Screen brightness

The screen brightness is an important parameter of the open frame monitor that you should pay attention to. It should match the use environment. If it’s too dark, then you do not see the content on the screen clearly.

For the different environments, it can be from 200 nits to 2000 nits.

Chapter 9: Simple bracket of open frame monitor

For most applications, simple brackets with some holes and rivets are necessary. The thickness of the simple bracket for the open frame monitor is about 1mm. The design software we commonly used is AutoCAD, Solidworks, and so on. We are professionals to design the brackets.

Chapter 10: Application

The applications of open frame monitors are very wide. Plenty of instruments and equipment need monitors to display important information to the users.

Generally, they can be used in gaming machines, ATM machines, photo booths, and many other products.

Chapter 11: Conclusion

The open frame monitor is an essential part of plenty of products. It’s used to display some important information to the customers. If you need such a product, please feel free to contact us.

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