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GECEY provide the best display products

High Quality monitor

GECEY is the one-stop manufacturer of a wide selection of computer monitors. We have plenty of monitors with high quality and pretty price for selection, such as touch screen monitor, open frame monitor, transparent OLED display monitor and many others.

Our flat screen monitors bring with all the advantages of these appliances; they are stylish, space-saving and have low power requirements. We use advanced technology to ensure these monitors deliver good image quality. Another great thing about these flat screen monitors from GECEY is that the size is custom.

Our curved monitors are stylish and come with all the compelling benefits of this type of monitors. Enjoy the speed and ease of use of our touch screen monitors. With these monitors from our company, everyone’s an expert. Just pointing at something on the screen is an instinctive gesture and remember it saves you space on the desk as keyboard and mouse are not needed.

Avid gamers have all the reasons to take delight in the gaming monitors that we manufacture at GECEY. Our range of gaming monitors takes care of a broad spectrum of technologies and features to suit whatever games you like to play. Our team of technicians and produces high-quality transparent monitors to meet your computing requirements.

For all our products, GECEY offers compelling benefits to all its customers. These include a generous warranty, free design for every project, free quote, custom-made products that ensure our clients can decide the shape, voltage, size, lighting and so on for the product they want.

Our service is fast and efficient. We export the product in just about 15 days from the day you order your products. Contact GECEY today for all your TV and monitor requirements. We are your trusted partner in this section of the electronics industry.

GECEY’S High Quality TV

GECEY is home to an amazing selection of TVs. GECEY is an expert in manufacturing high-quality TVs to suit any part of your house. We have lots of powerful and popular TVs for selection, such as mirror TV, touch screen TV, outdoor TV and so on.

GECEY understand that people have different tastes when it comes to the aesthetic and functional appeal of the TV that is why GECEY manufactures and sells flat TVs that range in size from 10 inches to 85 inches.

This means whether your room is small, medium or large in you can always get a TV that suits your room and conveniently caters for the needs of the viewers.

GECEY’s curved TV brings with it all the advantages of curved television. These include improved immersion which draws you deeper into the world you are watching, an enhanced sense of depth which gives you a sense of 3D view even when the source is just 2D.

GECEY curved TV delivers superior contrast than non-curved screens and not forgetting the advantage of a uniform viewing distance which guarantees viewers of more comfortable images than flat screens. GECEY’s curved television looks great and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your room.

GECEY’s mirror TV comes with all the advantages of this technology. These sets save you space and can be integrated seamlessly into the interior design of your room, gym, and home spa.

GECEY produces top-of-the-range bathroom TV for your ultimate entertainment in this utility room. Don’t worry these sets are totally waterproof and designed to fit perfectly well with the interior décor of the bathroom.


Andy and James/

This May 2013 photo showcases our interactions with our clients. From left to right are Andy, Cathy, and James when the three were part of the G2E exhibition that was held in Macau.

James and Andy are important clients of ours and when we heard they were part of the exhibition, we sent our sales manager Cathy to go assist them to explain to clients the features of our display products including how they work. It was a successful exhibition that both parties were very satisfied with.

Jeff, Kevin and Fred/

This July 2014 photo captured the meeting between our sales manager and one of our biggest clients. Eric our sales manager met with OEM sales manager Jeff, vice president Fred and vice president Kevin that has visited our plant looking to make a deal.

Jeff, Fred and Kevin were interested in long-term cooperation that would see their company place big orders with our company going forward. This was a very important meeting that both we and our clients took very seriously. Having had a very successful negotiation, we headed to the restaurant for lunch, after which we had the photo op. It was great to meet, interact and have a good time with one of our biggest clients.


This Dec 2014 photo was taken in the conference room of our Shenzhen Zheshang Electronic factory. Pat who has been a long time client came to visit us as he wanted to know more about some of our products such as the 65-inch monitor TV and the 24-inch monitor.

Our 24-inch monitor is an open frame monitor that comes with an Infrared (IR) touch screen. The 65-inch monitor comes with a television that comes complete with monitor function. It is also compatible with HDMI and through the HDMI port, it can be easily connected to the computer.


“GECEY monitors are very durable; they have withstood a lot that guys here throw at them. At first I had to replace the screens at my gaming shop so often that I was not making any profit. Now that is history, these GECEY monitors are simply not easy to damage; I worry less now and concentrate to give my customers a wonderful experience. And I must say the graphics are also very good. Good choice!”

Arjun, Gaming shop owner, Delhi, India.

“For a long time we had been looking for affordable TV’s, that are of good quality and design. Someone had recommended to us that we check out this company GECEY. So when I made our annual trip to China, to shop for our Electronics shop I decided to give them a call. Their service was simply excellent!

They gave us their personal attention as we explained what we needed and took us through their line of TV’s very patiently. In no time we had an agreement and our first shipment of 32’’ TV’s was soon on the way. Our customers are very happy with the GECEY TVs; we even use the same for shop display because of its elegant design. We are happy and look forward to long term relationship with GECEY.”

Garry Mafusi, Electronics Shop Owner, Pretoria – South Africa.

“I am very impressed with the performance of the GECEY televisions. They are top notch quality, since we had them installed last year we have not had any downtime problems. It is certainly value for money and I am glad we took the decision to try them out. I would recommend GECEY products anytime.”

Charlotte King, Hotel Director of Rooms, Perth, Australia.