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Transparent OLED displays we can provide

  • Devices screen size
  • Resolution
  • Touch screen
  • Frame
  • Panel type
  • Transparency
  • Contrast ratio
  • Orientation
  • Mount
  • Function
  • 55 inch
  • 1920 x 1080
  • Optional
  • Custom, we can design.
  • OLED, LG
  • 38%
  • 150000:1
  • Landscape or portrait
  • Desktop, ceiling mount, wall mount
  • PC monitor, digital signage, kiosk, TV, etc

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Videos of Some of Our Popular Products

GC-MTO55C1V1 is designed for plenty of commercial occasions. It is one kind of our transparent OLED products. Its outstanding features contain a vertical screen, “L” type stand, etc. ……

GC-MTO55ALV1 is a very amazing product. Its screen is automatic lifting. Infrared remote control will be sent to you with such a product. Press the key of the remote, ……

GC-MTO55HGV1 is a product we design for the occasions which need the suspended display platform, such as hotels, hospitals, airports, etc. Traditional hanging display products are all made of LCD screens. ……

GC-MTO550A0 is a desktop-type display with a see-through OLED screen. It’s our first and very classic type. Its height is about 846.8mm in total which is similar to 55 inches TV. ……

This project is we made for one of our customers. It’s a very great idea to make the automatic door with transparent OLED screens. Normally, the automatic door is made of clear glass. ……

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Some GECEY’s transparent OLED displays for sale

transparent OLED|
  • Model: GC-MTO550A0
  • Feature: Simple PC monitor
transparent OLED|
  • Model: GC-MTO550B0
  • Feature: PC monitor with touch screen
transparent OLED|
  • Model: GC-MTO550C0
  • Feature: Monitor with computer
transparent OLED|
  • Model: GC-MTO550D0
  • Feature: Monitor with PC and touch screen


What such product is made by?

It is made of a 55-inch OLED LG display and other components, such as the controller, glass, frame, etc. OLED LG display is the core part. The resolutions are 1920×1080 pixels.

Where it can be used?

The brightness of LG transparent OLED is 400 nits( cd/m2). Such brightness is not a high brightness. That means it’s usually used in the room or indoor environment. Some clients prefer to use it as a TV in a car, but the premise is the space of the car is large enough.

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Best tech tutorials of transparent OLED displays

The following content will show you:

  • What are the Transparent OLED displays
  • Best transparent display for sale
  • Touch screen
  • How to carry
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

transparent OLED 1|


Catalog of this page-TransOLED|

Chapter 1: What are the transparent OLEDs

Transparent OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays are the most dreamy form of display technology. These display screens get used to showcase dynamic or interactive content on a see-through surface.

Such LG see-through devices provide convenient experience to the customers who want to see the thing behind the devices. Compared with LCD, they are totally newer version of the technology. Their appearance was breaking news at that time.

The displays themselves are created from millions of self lighting pixels, offering an entirely new field of creativity for digital signage that the older brother (LCD screen) couldn’t offer.

Because of such a design, transparent OLEDs don’t require backlighting. Therefore, offering a much slimmer and more stylish design.

transparent OLED 1|

The transparent OLEDs are unlike anything that’s been released onto the market. They are completely frameless, highly universal, and easy to set up.

Currently, there’s only one manufacturer and size of large size transparent OLED screens. The manufacturer, LG display, decided only to release a 55″ option. There will be other future brands that can make such products for sure, but LG is the only manufacturer at present.

55″ seems like the ideal size for most applications, either commercially or residentially. However, if this is too large, you might be more interested in another transparent screen monitor on the market, like the LCD.

Chapter 2: The best OLED display available

Transparent OLED screens have quickly become popular worldwide. The design is highly multifunctional, allowing industries such as retail, entertainment, marketing, and more to reek immense benefits.

In the early stages of OLED displays, they were incredibly expensive. Although this was dependent on the supplier, some prices reached upwards of 20,000 USD.

The price point was far too high for most industries to start adopting this new wave of display technology. However, this quickly came to be much lower in recent years.

Since the beginning of our establishment, we’ve continuously honed in on our three main traits; cost-effectiveness, customization, and quality. By focusing on these areas, we’ve been able to leave customers satisfied, building long-lasting relationships worldwide.

These focuses didn’t stop when we got onboard with transparent OLED screens. From being driven to provide the best at an affordable rate, we’ve created our own customizable transparent OLEDs that consumers love.

By having the facilities to custom-produce these in our own warehouses, we’ve been able to hone down on quality control, component pricing, and, most importantly, customizability.

Now our customers can receive a custom OLED transparent display based on their requirements, including logo print, touch screen capabilities, and enclosure frames.

Additionally, because we’re the creators, we can control the warranty and customer production. For more information about this, contact a helpful representative at GECEY.

Chapter 3: Transparent LCD or transparent OLED?

A common misconception we see around the industry is the difference between transparent LCD and OLED. Transparent LCD and OLED are two completely different things, which is a surprising response for many.

LCD is generally looked at as the old, outdated sibling when compared. However, both still have a purpose in the digital display world. It needs to work with the LED backlight system.

To visualize the difference between each of these more effortlessly, we’ll showcase this over various factors;

  • Screen width – If you’re searching for a 55″ display, OLEDs have you covered. However, that’s the only size currently available. In contrast, LCDs are produced in sizes from 10″ to 86.”
  • Total price – LCD transparent displays are considered the “older brother.” Therefore, it uses cheaper and more accessible technology, decreasing the price. With OLEDs, these are more expensive, but you obtain a better display experience.
  • Versatility – Because of OLEDs sheer quality, it can get used for multiple implementations, including commercial or even residential.

Transparent OLED displays are undoubtedly a winner when compared to LCDs. The only category LCDs truly win is pricing. But if we weight-up the display experience with price, OLED is still a superior option.

Chapter 4: Structure

Despite a see-through OLED display looking highly futuristic, the structure behind them isn’t anything unordinary. The OLEDs are crafted from transparent-only components (anode, cathode, and substrate).

Apart from that, the entire unit will also consist of the following when it’s purchased from GECEY:

  • Base – The base (aka the enclosure frame) holds everything together, including the screen, glass, control board, and other components. At GECEY, we can completely customize this for you so it fits in with the environment.
  • Glass – The display screen is far too thin, at around 1.4mm alone. Therefore, we added 5mm tempered glass to ensure additional protection during transportation and use.
  • Touch function – As an optional extra, you can also get touch screen accessibility. The two options we offer are capacitive and infrared touch, more information about this below.
  • Control board – Depending on the actual usage of such product, will decipher which control board you’ll have. In the function section below, we detail three options.
  • LG Transparent OLED screen – The most important component is the transparent OLED screen from LG. It’s 55″ across and has a thickness of around 1.4mm.
  • Other Components – Power supply, etc.

The device looks highly complex, but there isn’t a substantial amount of components involved in building it.

Chapter 5: Functions of transparent OLED displays

As mentioned above, several control boards are available depending on the expected usage. These are commonly split up into three categories such as;

  • Computer monitor – The most simple is a computer monitor control board, consisting of an HDMI connection. This will allow you to use it as a computer monitor.
  • Advertising platform – Installed with an android operating system, it can get used as digital signage and connected to the internet via Wi-fi. It also comes equipt with RAM (2G, etc) and ROM (4G & 8G, etc), meaning apps and digital content can download quickly.
  • All-in-one computer – Can get used for anything and uses a computer’s motherboard. Therefore you can play games, watch videos, use it for meetings, or browse the web.

The functionality of transparent OLED screens is unheard of within the digital display sector, offering masses of versatility. However, it’s much more than you think. See the below for more potential functions.

Chapter 6: Touch screens of transparent OLED displays

As briefly mentioned above, there are two touch screen options available as an additional extra; Capacitive and infrared touch (IR).

Whichever you choose will allow you to physically touch the transparent surface. Multiple users are also available. However, they’re not built the same.

A capacitive touch screen is extremely thin and frameless, maintaining that high-tech look to the display screen. The only downside to this is that they’re slightly more expensive and can be affected by other devices’ electromagnetic waves.

Compared to IR touch screens, they don’t get affected by electromagnetic waves. Instead, they don’t offer a high-tech and frameless look. Therefore, you swap no interference with a bulkier, 8mm frame.

Both will provide the same outcome, but each has pros and cons. Therefore, you’ll want to weigh these up and decipher which is better for your application.

Chapter 7: How to transport

When transporting or carrying transparent OLED displays, requires carefulness. The screens are remarkably thin and are considered highly fragile.

Because of this, we package the displays in thick wooden or cardboard boxes and a generous amount of pearl cotton. Usually, this is more than enough protection. However, to protect our consumers further, we insure the goods.

When carrying transparent OLED displays, you need to be careful. From grabbing the screen with your hand, it can quickly break the OLEDs located on the screen.

Therefore, never touch this. Instead, transport the display by the base supplied.

Chapter 8: How to use transparent OLED displays

Using a transparent OLED unit, it’s relatively self-explanatory with all control board options. However, there are still some tips you’ll want to consider when using this kind of product.

Firstly, you need to display a black background on all videos or pictures. Despite it being a transparent screen, its total transparency is around 38%. After testing different colors, black offers the most transparency compared to the others.

Additionally, be careful if you’re opting for touch screens on transparent OLED displays. Don’t forcefully tap the screen in any circumstance. Instead, lightly brush your fingertips around the monitor.

Chapter 9: Mirror a phone, iPad, or computer

Mirroring a phone, iPad, or computer is also available with transparent OLED displays. Most devices nowadays that involve displays are smart and have operating systems, such as windows or android.

Mirroring another smart device isn’t a problem when the screen includes this. By downloading some apps or using a wireless display adapter, it’ll enable you to mirror a phone, iPad, or even a computer.

Chapter 10: Conclusion

Transparent OLED displays are a new, exciting way of showcasing digital photos and videos in a multitude of settings.

Without question, it’s a product that’s here to stay. By utilizing this, it’s possible to create something tremendous and worthwhile.

If you’re interested in transparent OLED displays, contact one of our helpful and professional representatives today.

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