How to Choose the Best 24 Inch Tv

TV is an essential part of our everyday lives, once a TV purchase is made, it becomes a part of the home for the years to come. But unlike other appliances choosing the best TV can be a bit tricky as there is a vast market with numerous brands offering different features that can be confusing when making the purchase.

So, once you’ve decided to buy a 24-inch TV, other factors need to be considered to make sure that you choose the best 24-inch TV. For the best viewing experience, the one vital thing to consider in a TV is the screen quality. 24-inch TV is a perfect size for small to medium-sized rooms; hence the screen quality is suitable for such room sizes.

There are numerous brands in the market manufacturing 24-inch TVs, and it can be difficult to choose the best one. Therefore, we’ve prepared a guideline to choose the best 24-inch TV for the best viewing experience.

· The Right Screen Type

As technology continues to advance the most common screen types are LED TVs or OLED TVs.  For a 24-inch TV, the ideal screen type is LED (Light Emitting Diode) as they offer high picture quality and are available in HD resolution.

· Display Resolution

For the best viewing experience, display resolution plays an important role. For a 24-inch TV, the ideal resolution is 1080p (1920 x 1080) which provides a high-definition (HD) viewing experience.

· Audio Quality

The 24-inch TVs come with built-in speakers which are enough for a regular TV-watching experience, but that also depends on the room size. For better sound quality and an ultimate TV viewing experience for watching sports or movies investing in an external speaker system, or soundbar would be ideal.

· Smart TV features

An exciting feature in TVs today is connectivity. The Smart TV features allow connecting to the internet and access online apps and features including live streaming. The types of apps and features may vary based on the model, but every TV does have popular apps and a lot of entertainment options.

· Connectivity Features

Another essential feature to consider is the input compatibility and the number of inputs on the TV. For someone who wants to use the TV screen as a monitor, it would be essential to look for a TV with VGA support. The number of inputs is also important when you want to connect other output devices. Consider a TV with HDMI ports, USB ports, or headphone Jack. Based on preference choose a TV with connectivity features.

· Brand and Budget

Numerous brands are manufacturing 24-inch TVs. Once you’ve decided on your budget, make a list of brands offering the features you want on your TV that also fit your budget. When it comes to TV, don’t compromise on quality only because of the lower price.

· Warranty

It is excellent to have the manufacturer’s warranty when buying a TV so make sure the one you are purchasing comes with a warranty.


24-inch TVs are ideal as they easily fit into every space because of their decent size. A lot of leading brands manufacture 24-inch TVs with state-of-the-art features for an ultimate viewing experience. When choosing which 24-inch Tv is best for you, consider the above-listed points and you’ll be able to find your best 24-inch TV.


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